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posted by Chris Valentine

With each year that passes, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that every summer is only getting hotter and hotter. And while we all have our conventional tools and methods for countering the unbearable heat, sometimes it calls for new and innovative ideas to make the summers more comfortable to get through. This is why we’ve made a list of the best alternative ways to beat the summer heat.


We all know that the number one priority when it comes to exposure to ridiculous heat is to always stay hydrated. This can sometimes be challenging, because while it’s important to continuously drink water, sometimes this is much easier said than done. There are kids who swear by avoiding water at all costs, and it can generally make people feel nauseous if they overdo it at times. When it comes to the kids, you can actually consider getting a frozen drink dispenser! It might seem like a crazy idea initially, but it’s a ton of fun and it will keep the whole family hydrated. There are a variety of dispenser options at and it’s something you can use to get really creative with as well. Using frozen drink dispensers allows you to come up with all kinds of flavors, and this way, everyone stays hydrated and is eager to get more liquid in, so it’s a win win situation and certainly worth the investment. You also need to look into making it a habit to eat hydrating fruits and vegetables if you find that drinking too much makes your tummy swim. Cucumbers, pineapples and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are great at hydrating the body. You can even infuse these fruits and vegetables into the water or make smoothies or slushies by combining both hydrating factors together.


It seems that with the increasing temperatures going above and beyond being tolerable along with the humidity, the age of the fan is almost obsolete. The good news is that people have figured out a way to upgrade the fan in a way that keeps it effective in these hard hot times that we go through. You can now invest in a fan mist ring, which is a device that you can attach to any fan. It is connected to any hose, and through it, the water will be blown out as a mist to create a cool and refreshing atmosphere.


We all love the reliability of how well air conditioners can fix any hot sweltering day. But the fact of the matter is, many of us are always on the move and simply do not always have the option of having air conditioning. This is why now you have the option to use air conditioning alternatives that are portable, making it easy to carry around and use anywhere to your convenience. There are gadgets that you can link up to your computer for power, or others that are either chargeable or battery operated, and all options provide just enough cooling for your personal space, whether it is at home, in the office or even in your car.


The latest trend these days are innovative clothing items that are designed in a way to provide you with a complete cooling system from the clothes that you wear. There are cooling vests designed in such a way where all you have to do is soak it in water, where it will absorb the water but not provide a wet feeling once you wear it because the material used is waterproof. There are also neck bands, towels and wristbands that are designed to keep you cool on those hot summer days. These are generally more practical and ideal when exercising.

With the onset of technology and bright minds, there is a multitude of new and convenient ways to beat the summer heat. It’s important that you keep yourself updated and in the loop as more and more heat-beating inventions and ideas come up. You don’t have to subject yourself to melting away just because you’re not conveniently in a place where there’s air conditioning or a ton of water to jump into. Now you can use a number of ideas, such as those mentioned above, to help you and your family overcome the heat waves in a way that can be fun, convenient and efficient as well. Most importantly, be sure to always stay healthy and hydrated to make it through the summer!

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