Trends Dominating the Hairdressing Industry in 2020

posted by Chris Valentine

2020 was the year of drastic change when it came to hair. It was the perfect time to make that risky choice you’ve always wanted to try, but always felt scared to in case it was a total disaster!

With most salons being shut for the majority of the year, people had to adapt and home jobs became very popular. TikTok was going off with videos of people shaving their heads and dying their hair crazy colours.

Up there with the biggest trends was completely shaving your head and we are loving the results! In a trend that left women and men feeling liberated and fierce, shaving all your hair off gave people around the nation that confidence boost that was well needed during lockdown!

Another trend that rocked the nation was wild and wonderful colours and colour combinations. Lockdown was the perfect time to try that crazy colour you haven’t had the guts to try. Two-tone hairstyles and bleached bangs were all the rage with ranging success.

Amongst the biggest hair trends was the continuing popularity of shag hair cuts and mullets. Nothing like a business-at-the-front-and-party at the back hairstyle to get you through those endless zoom meetings.

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