Is Hair Regrowth Possible Even When you’re 50?

posted by Chris Valentine

The average hair growth of each person is about six inches per year or about half an inch monthly. Each person has their own pace so it’s not the same for everyone. Some may have thick and long hair while some have thin and slow growing strands. Hair is one of our most important assets as a human being. It is noted as our crown of glory. Having silky smooth and long healthy mane is important to each and every person in this world.

Genetics is also one factor in determining how quick and how full your hair grows. Other than that, this process can also be affected by underlying medical conditions, one’s hair type, stress levels, if you’re on a healthy diet or not, if you are taking medications, how you take care of your hair or one’s hair care routine, and also by age. Check this out:

It also differs in men and women. Men are more prone to hair loss (or what they call as androgenetic alopecia) this affects all men as they age rather than women. The thinning and receding of hair lines among men usually starts in their mid-30’s while women reaches that stage way later. Some may say men are more stressed and care less about it while women obsess about it just like with their skin care.

On the other hand, there are already tons of ways that people try to stop the thinning. There are different ways you can use or take to help and remedy these types of cases. Some people try herbal products, while some use ointments, sprays or serums. Most of the time though, people experiencing this just accepts the fact that this comes with age and it is natural.

A large number of people purchase these products by the age of 30’s, 40’s or even after 50’s. Younger generations also use products to help strengthen their strands or help them grow faster specially with young women.

Can Hair Be Regrown To Some Point?

Yes and No, hair loss as we know has many causes and its recovery depends on the main reason why it was lost in the first place. To some extent, your locks can be regrown by hair regrowth products and medication.

Products Commonly Used

The most primitive and popular product that people tend to use is herbal medicine or oils for regrowth. There are so many products to choose from. A certain percentage may say that the products really worked while for some it didn’t work out.

Medical grade serums and medicines are also prescribed by physicians depending on the cause. Always research for reputable companies where their products are proven and tested. Consult a Doctor first before buying one.

Beauty or cosmetic clinics also provide treatments using laser, glass comb, or pen that can stimulate growth. However, these treatments may also cost you a fortune before it actually works. Good and bad feedback is present in these scenarios.

Online sellers also introduce high-tech products like laser caps with different types to choose from. Some are called low laser therapy that helps with various conditions. These products are said to be FDA approved and cleared to be the most effective and convenient products that can be used at home.

Additionally, always get the products that are well researched and have undergone testing with scientific studies to back it up. Of course we need to be safe and make sure we are not using products that will harm our health.

The Most Effective and Convenient Way

Make sure to choose a product you can use at home and is proven effective without any side effects. Consider the amount of time you spend in using this product and consider the cost if it is worth it. While most products are already proven safe by users, there are only three types of products which is FDA approved and most effective.

The following product categories are finasteride, minoxidil and laser treatments. It is advised to check products and procedures that is attributed with one of these methods. Let’s take them in one at a time.

First method is finasteride it is a medication used mostly among men for hair loss. Prescribed by a physician you can take this orally. Some studies show that finasteride users stop losing precious strands as a result of taking this medication correctly. Others are able to regrow it because they are taking finasteride. However, regrowth varies and is always unpredictable.

Next is minoxidil this is also one form of medication used in treating hair loss. It improves one’s blood flow to the area where it is applied. People who use this apply it to their scalp (in the form of serum or solution type) and it can potentially improve the blood supply plus the nutrients towards the follicles. This results to improved density and volume and at the same time it increases the rate of hair regrowth.

Lastly, what we have are the laser treatments. This kind of treatment or procedure is usually offered at dermatology clinics or beauty spas. Laser technology has a lot of uses nowadays and that includes regrowth or to help with hair loss. Lasers stimulate the follicles and it helps in increasing hair volume. It is proven to be safe and a permanent solution to people with this kind of problem. The red light of the laser is shown to be effective in stimulating the energized cells found in the follicle.

What is the Cost?

Costing of these procedures or treatments varies widely. It depends on the cause and factors like the size of the area being treated alongside with the time required to do the procedure, number or times or sessions needed and how severe the condition is. However, despite the costs, the merits that will be gained from undergoing such procedures are definitely going to be worth every cent. If it means you can walk with confidence again, I think that shelling out a little more won’t be an issue.

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