Essential Tools You Need For Your Home Renovation Project

posted by Chris Valentine

One day, you walk into your house and take a look around, and for some odd reason, you do not like what you see. You think to yourself, ‘I need to change something, but perhaps you are not sure how. However, the one thing you are sure about is that you are going to do it yourself. Though you are not sure how to get it done or what tools you will need in renovating your home.

Types of Renovation

Home renovation is also known as home improvement, and a renovation project can come in many forms. That said, when you are looking to get your home renovated, you will need tools and equipment that will help you in doing so. These will differ depending on the type of renovation you want to implement. The types are:

  • Maintenance & Repair

This will include working on the roof as well as replacing windows. Next to that, you may have to repair the concrete and flooring. If you have a chimney, you may want to repair that as well if it hasn’t been used for a while. You will repaint rooms and walls and maybe upgrade them with the use of wallpaper. Maintenance and repair can include working on the plumbing system and electrical systems.

  • Comfort

Comfort work focuses on upgrading the ventilation system, which includes heating and air conditioning. You will also look to add luxuries to your rooms, which may include things like a Jacuzzi in the bathroom or anything that speaks luxury.

  • Additional Space

You will not be adding spaces, as much as turning unused areas and rooms into recreational areas or home theaters. You may also extend the house by adding rooms to it.

  • Safety & Preparedness

You will add features that help in making your house safer. This can include a fire alarm or a burglar alarm system. Water sprinklers can be thrown into the mix and anything else you find your house needs.

Essential Tools

To do renovations yourself, you will need to have special tools. It’s best to understand what each tool and piece of equipment is used for in the renovations.

  1. Band Saw

Band saws are absolutely necessary for your home renovation project that involves a lot of wood cutting. This will help you cut curves, rip lumber, and do anything that may be related to wood. It is best for cutting irregular shapes and becomes especially useful for big cutting projects. The saw advisors over at SawsHub.com urge the importance of using this piece of machine in making technical cuts, which can include resawing, among other things. Just make sure you pick the highest performer with the safest options.

  1. Measuring Tape

When renovating your house, before you start, you will be taking a lot of measurements around the house.  A measuring tape will make that possible and will become your best friend throughout this project.

  1. Cordless Drill

Picking a good cordless drill will prove to be a worthy investment. For creating quick holes for nails and such,  a cordless drill will be easy to use. Look for one that has good trigger control to make the change from slow to fast simple. Pick one with a reachable reverse switch will do you a lot of good, especially if it is within reach of your thumb and forefinger.

  1. Pliers

These are the little tools that will help you hold the wires or nails, especially in tight areas that you cannot easily reach. Look to get the most common type, the flat-nose, and needle-nose pliers as they will cover a wide range of tasks.

  1. Ladder

When working on your renovating project, you will have to get to high places throughout, which may be out of reach. This is where a ladder becomes essential. Make sure it is long enough to grant you access to any place you need to reach.

  1. Japanese Cat’s Paw

Forget about getting a curved claw hammer and an electric nail gun, as a Japanese cat’s paw will make sure you have all that you need in one tool. It is a hammer that comes with an extra chisel end.

  1. Sledgehammer

Part of renovating is destroying. For that reason, you will need a sledgehammer when looking to remove walls and take off the kitchen counter that has been bothering you. Make sure you buy one that you can lift and use easily.

Renovating projects are tough and demand a lot of work. Though, with the aid of the correct tools and equipment, the job can become a whole lot easier. Remember, it all comes down to the type of renovation you are looking to make and if your upgrades require installing irregular objects, a band saw becomes indispensable.

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