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Ways To Stay Healthy At Work [Infographic]

posted by Chris Valentine

Even regular nine-to-five jobs can have a severe impact on your health. If you feel drained every day after work, consider changing your routine.

Here is the list of things that can help you to stay healthy and energized during the whole day at work:

Stay hydrated

Most probably, your routine at work starts with a cup of coffee. Drinking coffee with your colleagues in the morning can be an excellent social habit, but it can also cause dehydration and headaches.

To avoid fatigue, you should drink enough water while at work. Consider buying a reusable water bottle to motivate yourself to drink more.

Also, you should cut down on sweetened beverages, including energy drinks.

Protect your eyes

Every professional should have a pair of safety glasses. If you spend long hours in front of your screen, make sure to sit at least an arm’s length away from your computer and blink often.

Also, you can reduce glare from the screen and adjust its lighting. The most important thing is to take a break at least once per hour and check your eyes with the doctor every six months.

Eat well

Your diet directly impacts your mood and energy levels. That’s why you should plan your meals for a day and start eating healthy.

Avoid sugary snacks such as candy bars. If you want to eat something small before lunch, you can mix berries with Greek yoghurt, or eat apple slices with peanut butter.

Also, have you ever tried kale chips or celery sticks with cream cheese? There are a lot of healthy and delicious options, so forget about pastries and bakery items.

Stay active

If you don’t move a lot during the day, consider going to yoga or gym after work. Physical activity can help you stay energized and positive. Also, it’s vital for cardiovascular health and weight management. Once you start exercising, you will forget about shoulder and neck pain once and for all.

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