Teeth Whitening Malaysia- Get A Beautiful, Healthy Smile

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Are you planning to have a teeth whitening procedure? If yes, then this is going to be the content you have been searching for. We are about to discuss each and everything you need to know before visiting a dentist for teeth whitening Malaysia. Let’s get started and learn everything from the beginning.

Tooth whitening – what is it?

Tooth whitening is a procedure that helps to remove discoloration and stains making your teeth appear light & bright. The procedure doesn’t remove any tooth surface. It is one of the most popular yet common cosmetic dental procedures performed by the dentists. However, it does take more than one procedure to be performed if you want to maintain the brightness.

Talking about the reasons that causes pigmentation and discoloration of tooth are:

  • Consumption of tobacco
  • Consumption of dark colored liquids like red wine, coffee, cola and tea
  • If you don’t take good care of your dental health then that’s another reason for discoloration
  • Aging makes your teeth look less bright as the dentine gets darker while the enamel becomes thinner
  • Dental issues like cavities can also affect the appearance of your teeth

Along with this, tooth discoloration is being categorized into two i.e. extrinsic discoloration and intrinsic discoloration.

Extrinsic one is caused by the regular consumption of beverages, foods and smoking habit plus the outside of the tooth affected by the stains. To treat the outside stains, professionals generally suggests tooth whitening toothpaste for the treatment. Coming to the intrinsic discoloration then it is from within the tooth. The main reasons that lead this type of discoloration are infection, aging, childhood illness, medication and tooth trauma. To treat this one, professional bleaching is required.

When you visit professionals they will examine the type of stains you have and then suggest the procedure suitable to treat the discoloration.

Possible treatment options

In office treatment

It simply means that you have to visit the dentist. They will apply highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide and use light to provide you quick yet long lasting results. You have to visit the office quite few times but it is way more affective that the other alternative.

At home treatment

At home treatment includes over the counter products like whitening toothpaste, activated charcoal, whitening strips. These methods might not be as effective as the in-office one but again it depends on your condition and your dentist knows better.

Importance of teeth whitening and why you should go for it

When it comes to “Teeth whitening Malaysia”, people do want to know the importance and benefits of it. Tooth whitening isn’t limited to celebrities anymore as common people also love to have a bright and healthy smile. However, “why should we have one” is the most frequently asked question and we are going to answer it.

It boost your self confidence

One of the biggest yet common reasons that make people prefers tooth whitening. Having a perfect, bright smile is hard to resist. Many time people do hesitate to laugh or smile wide open when they have discolored tooth. Moreover, bright tooth is generally considered as a sign of being hygienic and that you take good care of yourself. So when you know you can smile without hesitation and can melt hearts then getting a tooth whitening treatment is worth every penny.

Improves appearance and combat stains

You might have the straightest smile and healthiest teeth but you can’t avoid the damage caused by unhealthy habits, foods or drinks. Smoking or drinking coffee and tea can stain your teeth overtime but it can be avoidable if you go for Teeth whitening Malaysia. Once you go for it you will see a difference as it protects your tooth from stains and keep it bright, stain free and beautiful. After the procedure, you don’t have to use filters or edit your pictures to perfect your smile.

It is affordable

As I have told you before, tooth whitening has become quite common and economical as well. The procedure cost is affordable and there is no need to break the bank account. Yes, the cost vary but by a very small margin. You can even look for the professionals online that can give you the dental makeover you have been looking for.

Teeth whitening Malaysia- what’s a big deal about them?

Tooth whitening procedure is neither free nor is it a thing that can be done by anyone. You need professionals who know what are they up to and their services should show quick results. Malaysian dentists are trained professionals, a team of experts that are known for their marvelous work. Let’s discuss what’s make them special?

Customized treatment

Everyone is different and so our teeth, thus one side doesn’t fit and all concepts are not acceptable here. Whitening preference of a person can vary and that’s when customized treatment works well. Professionals also have to examine other dental health issue if there is any and then decide the procedure according to it. The professional here make sure that customer is rewarded with best possible treatment against the amount they spend on their services.

Fast and reliable results

When you go for real professionals for tooth whitening, they can give you results within an hour and that’s what we all want. Though different sessions are required as the treatment varies according to your condition but majority of time results are quick. Other than that results are going to be beyond your expectations and would have a long lasting effect.

Safer, affordable and comfortable

Many people have nightmare before visiting dentists even if it is for tooth whitening but with Teeth whitening Malaysia you are in safe hands. They make you feel comfortable throughout the treatment, take care of your budget and make sure you get the prettiest and brightest smile.

Now you know why you should consider “Teeth whitening Malaysia” and why teeth whitening are worth trying. Taking good care of your dental health ensures not just healthy but an attractive and beautiful smile that everyone wants.

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