The Importance Of Mouth Reconstruction [Infographic]

posted by Chris Valentine

There are a lot of reasons for you to consider making a full mouth reconstruction (FMR). These days, it is one of the most difficult and expensive dental procedures. On the other hand, it’s totally worth it. It can help you forget about your dental issues once and for all and finally have a Hollywood smile you deserve.

You might need a mouth reconstruction if you suffer from gingivitis or periodontal disease. Also, you should consider this option in case you have jaw pain or erosion. The whole procedure might look different for every patient.

If you want to make FMR, check if your dental insurance provider covers the cost of the surgery. For some people, FMR may cost up to $150.000, so it’s better to double-check your providers’ offers before going to the dentist.

After periodontal examination, cosmetic evaluation, and panoramic X-ray, your dentist will create a treatment plan that will address your medical needs.

The list of FMR goals includes repairing and restoring diseased teeth, reducing bad breath, and achieving normal mouth functioning. Also, it will help you to get rid of toothache and finally have a beautiful set of teeth.

During the recovery process, you will have to take antibiotics and do dental check-ups every week. It can take up to one month to recover fully.

If you want to know more about full mouth reconstruction, check out the infographic provided by  Kate Brayman DDS:

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