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Korean Feces Wine aka Ttongsul

posted by Chris Valentine

So, would you ever try Korean Feces Wine? Yeah, we wouldn’t either. But RocketNews24 got their correspondent Chie Nomura to do it. She sampled the wine, also called Ttongsul, and had this to say about it:

“You can tell it has a high alcohol content. I also sense traces of Chinese medicinal herbs. It doesn’t smell like feces, but there is a faint acidity to it. I would never have guessed there was feces in it unless you had told me.”

Drinking Ttongsul aka Korean Feces wine

Ttongsul is made in this manner: pour soju (distilled grain alcohol native to Korea) into a pit filled with feces (from chickens, dogs, or humans), and leave it to ferment for about 3-4 months. Then extract and drink straight (no chaser, you wuss!)

Ttongsul - Feces wine

Ttongsul – Tastes like crap? Or is it just made from it?

The belief is that Korean feces wine can cure illness and help bone fractures to heal. Lots of people didn’t believe that Ttongsul existed, so Rocket News spent lots of time researching and tracking down a private vendor. This is the kind of drink that is not found on shelves in Seoul. The transaction, detailed here, produced a large bottle filled with a clear brown (and odorless) liquid that looked like brandy.

Korean Feces wine

A good glass of poo alcohol will make you feel better.

There might be something to the Korean feces story. Check out the video below (you don’t need to translate to figure out what’s happening)

So… would you try Korean feces wine?

Sources: Rocket News, Ayashii World

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