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A380 Restaurant In China Looks Like Airplane Cabin

posted by Chris Valentine

Add this to the list of crazy Asian restaurants – the A380 restaurant in Chongqing, China is made up to look like an airplane cabin. All the decorations inside the restaurant, from windows to carpets to lighting, resemble what you would see inside an Airbus A380 aircraft.

A380 Restaurant

The most expensive seats – four corner tables – cost about 10,000 yuan (more than $1500 US dollars). Waitresses dress like airline hostesses.

A380 Restaurant - Oval Table - China

Source: Laughing Squid

More Photos of A380 Restaurant:

A380 Restaurant -  Group TableA380 Restaurant -  Ovoid TableA380 Restaurant in China

There’s another airline-themed restaurant also called A380 In Flight Kitchen that is located in Taipei, Taiwan (a site of many other strangely-themed eateries). They serve western food.

A380 In Flight Kitchen, Taipei

A380 In Flight Kitchen, Taipei

Thanks to Glossolalia Black for the story!

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