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Do you still Believe in Horoscopes?

posted by Chris Valentine

It might not make sense to you at the moment, but the rate at which astrology is rising is quite impressive. In fact, you can liken it to a sort of a meme that is rapidly taking over social media discussions. Day in day out, people are talking about strange sign characters and all sorts of wild quotes that could have some hidden meaning. Some publications attribute their massive sells to dedicated horoscope readers who can’t waste a single chance to know what the future holds for them. It’s crazy, flourishing and of course interesting at the same time.

So before you hurriedly pass judgments on individuals whose beliefs are deeply rooted in this ancient practice, take some time to examine your inner-self. What do you really think? Is there even the slightest chance that you somehow believe in Astrology signs?

Well, don’t punch yourself if you find you’re in a mix of confusion, this discussion might just help you find out where you really stand. Keep scrolling!

How Long Has Astrology Been Around?

If you thought horoscope reading came around just the other day; or when you first had an encounter with it, then you are very wrong. The fact is that it has been around for ages and it isn’t the first astrology. Of course, you shouldn’t also expect it to be the last. Strong believers in this practice believe that it has been around since the Age of Aquarius, which is basically around 2,000 years after the movement of the earth into the Aquarius sign. So think, if the new age revolution didn’t push this astrology out of existence, what will actually do that at the moment or in future?

Why Is It Still Embraced In The Present?

During the new age boom, people still sourced out their horoscope. But in publications, you could find them at the back pages. So in some way, it’s like the practice was being slowly faced out. But then came the awakening time; the Millennium. During this time, there came a given form of awakening that connected the present times and the horoscope revelations. So Millennials simply grabbed it and ran with it!

Most individuals today will gladly accept of being involved in the vibe of horoscope discovery. It’s evident that in some way, it has slowly but surely managed to grab the attention of the young social media followers. According to them, it brings some unique sense of belonging by connecting the present and the future. There is a specific sense of stigma that’s attached to the existing astrology that has rapidly found a special place in people’s lives.

If you’re a religious follower of online publications, then you must have noticed that over the last few years, most of them have significantly shifted their astrology focus( horoscope to be precise) on a Millennial and young generation point of view. The reason for this could be because they are a group of people that’s easy to track and predict when it comes with various cultural trends.

Internet Age Astrology?

If most online publishers were, to be honest in their opinion, then they would gladly accept that there’s a tremendous increase in the rate of traffic being witnessed towards their horoscope pages. So if you’re not the one responsible for that, then there is definitely someone else who is. If we think about it realistically, then we can readily conclude that some astrology ways are best suited for the new internet lovers. Why couldn’t it be with the flexible access to various sites? You can, in fact, fall as deeply as you want into the Google hole and finally manage to emerge all informed and psyched.

There is no doubt that the internet is filled with so much information on various life aspects. And you will come across so much of it in the horoscope field. We feel that it’s the availability of this rich information that still keeps people on their toes into digging up more about the trend. We all know that it isn’t easy to eradicate something that already has an online presence. So if you’re waiting for the end of astrology, then you might as well be prepared to extend your wait to a lifetime.

Talking of availability of in-depth information, the current generation is simply a curious one. People want to know much more than they already know in order to always be at the forefront of successful happenings. They want to have the ability to stop tragedy from happening and get to enjoy falling in love with the right people. As you can see, all these can truly be possible with a little bit of more information concerning future happenings. What better way to achieve this but through horoscopes?

After all, It’s much easier to ask ” Hey beautiful, what’s your sign?” , rather than ” Tell me about yourself”. Who in their correct mind can readily give “bad” information about themselves to a stranger? Well not us, and of course we know definitely not you. It’s a man-eating society so you have to ensure you’re the best man winning.

Comparing Traits

When most individuals read the horoscope, they actually don’t do it for only themselves. Most will admit of having to go through the signs of one or two individuals close in their lives, just to know if they are moving in the same direction. For instance, if yours is Libra, it’s normal to find yourself obliged to go through Taurus “for” your friend. Sometimes you find traits that you can easily relate to, while others seem completely off key. It’s what it is and you get to choose what to believe. Well, that’s being selective in some way. But is it justifiable?

Astrology isn’t like any form of rocket science that you get to understand from the word go. It’s more of a lifestyle that you get to learn with time. The deeper you get into the sign reading, the more attached you become and more you want to discover. Can we simply say that Astrology is real? Do the signs really reflect the unfolding of events in your lives? Well, some can swear for/against it. But what about you, do you still believe in it? Or is it just another way of viewing the world? Be the judge!

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