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Nexus Vomitus: Millie Brown Creates Vomit On Canvas

posted by Chris Valentine

Ah, modern art. Or perhaps, postmodern art. Either way you look at it, there’s definitely a spirit of experimentation with style and medium. Performance artist Millie Brown has created special paintings (one called “Nexus Vomitus”) – and while the use of the canvas isn’t new, the way she paints might be. As you might guess, we are referring to the act of creating “Vomit On Canvas”. Yeah, she “throws up” her abstract creations.

Painting With Vomit

As the site says:

In a marriage of music and performance art, abjection artist Millie Brown and opera singers Patricia Hammond and Zita Syme staged a one-off performance piece. Brown created a rainbow-like spectrum of vomit on canvas to a melodic interlude.

Sounds beautiful. Let’s watch (WARNING – we recommend watching on empty stomach) :

Remember, Millie Brown herself is the brush. And what artist doesn’t want to think of their work as somehow “bursting forth” from within in a primal, violent act!

Brown’s paintings can be purchased (“Nexus Vomitus” costs $2400). She uses colored milk, in case you are wondering.

Folks, we don’t know if it’s art, but … well, we don’t know if it’s art.

H/T to Ripleys!

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