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Holley Mangold – 320 Pound Female Weightlifter

posted by Chris Valentine

Holley Mangold - Weightlifter

21 year old Holley Mangold is a 320 pound female weightlifter. 323 pounds, actually, and she wants to compete in the 2012 Olympics on the weightlifting team. The sister of NY Jets center Nick Mangold, Holley was a football player herself, before getting into weightlifting. When attending high school in Dayton, she made the team:

“At first, the coach didn’t want her — or any girl — on the team, but he said if she could take the two-a-day practices and could handle being hit, she could stay on the team,” Jackovich said. “She was hazed until she proved she could take a hit and give a hit as good as any man. She’s a great swimmer and she’s very flexible — she can do the splits. She’s like a sumo wrestler — her fat is on top of her muscle, not mixed in.”

Holley Mangold - 320 pound weightlifter

Mangold said that weightlifting is mentally challenging and playing football helped her prepare for it. Despite her ability to go toe-to-toe with the big boys, she says she still is very much a “girly-girl” who sports pink nail polish and is afraid of bugs.

A girl who can squat 500 pounds, Holley Mangold went to the American Open meet and won, doing 209 pound lifts for the snatch and 275 pound lifts for the clean-and-jerk event.

“True Life: I’m The Big Girl,” is a documentary about Mangold that premiered on MTV last week.

True Life – MTV Shows

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