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Doga – Dog Yoga, A New Trend

posted by Chris Valentine

There’s a disturbing trend in society as of late. One that should be stopped before it gets out of control. That trend is Doga, or Dog Yoga.

Dog Yoga - Doga

Downward. (Facing dog)

The NY Times defines Doga as “massage and meditation with gentle stretching for dogs and their human partners.” Yes, it’s yoga with your dog. From Seattle to Chicago to Manhattan, doga instructors run classes where you can do:

  • chaturanga – our canine friends sit with their paws in the air
  • upward-paw pose – doggies are lifted onto their hind legs
  • resting pose – “person reclines, with legs slightly bent over the dog’s torso, to relieve pressure on the spine”


Doga on the beach (dog yoga)

Video Showing The Art of Doga

Let’s take a look at doga in action with this dog yoga video:

The owner of an online yoga retail store tried to do a class once. She said:

“It was lunacy. Peanuts, my retired racer greyhound, didn’t participate at all. Instead, I did downward-facing dog while he ate the most treats he’s ever had in a 60-minute period.”

Others disagree with her. But those people are probably crazy.

But maybe not: veterinarian Dr. Douglas Wilson says dogs are naturals for yoga (watch how your pets stretch in the morning). As you may be aware, terms like the “cat position” and “downward dog” are actually inspired by pet stretches. Wilson says that doga classes are probably better for owners than pets – it helps relax them and in turn that helps relax the animals.

Sources for this article: How Stuff Works, ABC South Australia

Doga - Dog Yoga

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