How to Safely Use Air Weapons For Target Practice

posted by Chris Valentine

Air guns are an ideal option for those who are looking to improve their shooting precision. Using air weapons is much easier than using real guns, ammunition is far cheaper, and they can be a useful tool in sharpening up your aim. Despite these guns not packing the punch that traditional firearms do however, safety is still of paramount importance as they have the potential to cause real harm. Before you start lining up targets and pulling the trigger, here are some safety tips to bear in mind when shooting air weapons. 

Muzzle Safety 

When you are shooting any kind of weapon it is absolutely critical that you know where the muzzle is pointing at all times. Even if you have the trigger-safety locked on, you must still make sure that the muzzle is pointing exactly where you want it to. When not in use, the muzzle should be pointed towards the ground in case a shot is accidentally fired. And finally, there is never a circumstance in which the muzzle should be pointed towards another person or in an unsafe direction. 

Pellet Capture 

No matter where you are target shooting, it is critical that you have a safe backstop in place which will capture the pellet after it has either hit or missed the target. Even on shooting ranges there is a responsibility which you have not to litter the space with discharged pellets. If you are shooting on your on property then this rule still rings true, owing to the potential damage a metal pellet could cause to wildlife. 

Know Your Gun 

A common mistake which is made when shooting air rifles is not knowing the gun well enough before firing. Even those with some experience of shooting can make this kind of mistake. Some air rifles have quite the kick which you need to ensure that you are prepared for. Be sure that you are familiar with the gun before you fire off any rounds. 

Handing Over a Rifle 

When you hand a rifle over you must always ensure that you have done so after it is unloaded. Equally when you are handed a rifle you should first check that it is unloaded. This is especially true with pre-charged pneumatic rifles as they tightly hold compressed air, if the rifle is still loaded a shot could easily go off by accident. 

Possibility of Ricochet or Miss

No matter how good at shooting you believe yourself to be, it is critical that you are always mindful of the possibility of a ricochet or missing the target. Consider what else is in the area that could get hit by a stray or deflected pellet. 

These are the golden rules which you must apply to every situation, no matter where you happen to be shooting targets, with who or with what kind of air rifle. Accidents can and do happen which is why it is so important that you take great care. 

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