Throw an Awesome Halloween Party for Children and Adults

posted by Chris Valentine

Every year on October 31st or thereabouts (depending on when the date falls during the week), there are Halloween parties going on all around. This year, you’ve decided to throw your name in the hat as a host. There’s a fair bit more than picking the perfect costume that goes into having a fun Halloween bash suitable for all your guests. So get ready to take notes because this is how you throw an awesome Halloween party for children and adults.

The Guest List and Invitations

You can easily make your party stand out by investing in or making some invitations. Create a guest list so you know exactly how many you’ll need and design a fun invitation that will inspire your guest to make the trip out. Another option is to use free ecards as invitations. They are fun, different, and there’s no mistaking the theme!

Decor and More

Making time for party decor shopping can be difficult with the demands of everyday life but try and fit it in where you can. Schedule a trip to the party store to get your Halloween decor shopping done. This way, you can find out what you’ll need to make your home look fantastic. Working together to make your place look spooky for the party will allow everyone to join in on the fun. Another good thing to get done ahead of time would be any party favors you wish to hand out after the festivities. Consider some fun Halloween treat bag ideas, you can put together in a jiffy. This way, you can focus on more pressing matters, the food.

Fun Foods and Snacks

This is where things get serious because having tasty treats that can also terrify at a Halloween party is of the utmost importance. Think back to all of the horror monsters of cinematic past for inspiration. Dracula, Frankenstein and the Werewolf are all great starters. Include black cats, skeletons and nasty witches and you’ll have a grand time creating snacks, drinks and food items. Think fang-bit cupcakes, a witches cauldron of wicked punch, and a Frankenstein body made with your food preparations. Use your oven to bake some bone-shaped cookies to fill out the form of the body. Be sure to experiment and find what will work best for your party theme and ideas.

Throwing a Halloween party at home can be a blast for everyone involved. Setting up the decorations and preparing ghoulish food options for your guests is quite entertaining. Be sure to get everyone at home involved in the festivities. Having all hands on deck to help prepare will take some of the burden off of your shoulders. Plus, the kids will enjoy decorating windows, doors and walls for the occasion. Then the adults can manage the food and drink preparations. With each player having a part, you’ll all be able to bask in the joy of throwing a successful Halloween party.

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