Roger Wolfson – Why We Should All Look to Reduce Our Meat Consumption

posted by Chris Valentine

You may have noticed in the last few years that there are more and more people going vegan than ever before. We often see this from people in the world of entertainment and celebrity and there are many like Roger Wolfson who are very outspoken when it comes to why more people should eat less meat, and understandably so. To go vegan is certainly an extreme option and if you wish to do so then there is an abundance of help and support out there for you. What most people should start with however, is simply reducing their meat intake gradually, even by just one day per week.

There are so many benefits to doing this, which we are going to talk about here.

Health Benefits

There is so much more which we now know about the benefits of reducing your meat consumption for your health. The World Health Organization raised alarms a number of years ago with regards to the carcinogens in red meat for example. We have also see just how big the impact of meat can be on the way in which the body deals with inflammation. Ultimately this is a choice which will help you to be much healthier. Now, you can still be unhealthy on a vegan lifestyle, but when you look at a balanced vegan diet vs a balanced meat eater diet, the former will always be more healthy.

Helping With Welfare

Unfortunately and owing to the great demand that there is for meat, the standards within the animal industry are not very nice at all, at least in the main. If we are able to reduce our meat intake then we can also reduce the demand for meat, which therefore will eventually lead to better conditions and increased welfare for the animals in the world.

Helping the Planet

The meat industry doesn’t just do great damage to animal welfare, but also to the environment. There are a number of ways in which this happens and we can work together to put a stop to it. For example we have seen in recent years the mass razing of the rainforests. The reason why this happens is because they want the space to plant crops to feed the animals. This industry also puts great pressure on the water resources around the world, and the large volume of animals also creates the release of a huge amount of noxious gases and toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. If we all try to eat less meat we can greatly reduce this pressure and therefore help to get our rainforests back.

Ultimately this is just a smart decision in the modern age, to eat less meat, and the benefits of doing so are incredible. The best thing is that thanks to the enormous range of plant based products which you can find on the market, doing without meat has never been easier than it is now.

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