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What’s Your Flavor? Here Are the Best Vape Flavors That Fit Your Personality

posted by Chris Valentine

Here Are the Best Vape Flavors That Fit Your Personality

Your e-juice preference has a lot more to say about you than you may think. Find out the best vape flavors that fit your personality you should try!

Salty and sweet? Nice with lots of spice?

From flavored slushies to gummy candy, we all have those flavors we reach for. Maybe you’re a blue raspberry girl on the weekdays but switch it up for cotton candy on a Saturday night. Depends on your mood, right?

Well, it may not just depend on your mood. The flavor you choose could also point at your personality.

Keep reading to discover the best vape flavors to match your personality. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Sweet Strawberry

Are you a shy girl with a secret spunky side? Are you the guy who seems a bit reserved but loves affection? Strawberry is probably your flavor.

Strawberry lovers seem quiet at first, but as you get to know them, you find out just how scandalous they can be. Don’t worry, they’re still sweet no matter what.

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If you like mint, you know how to keep it cool at all times. No matter the pressure or circumstances, you keep your head on straight to fix the problem.

Mint is one of the best vape flavors because it’s refreshing. If you’re someone with a chaotic personality who’s striving to be more of a relaxed individual, this could be a flavor you give a try.


Pineapple is one of the most popular e juice flavors for people with an adventurous personality. It’s sweet while also sour and takes you away to an exotic paradise with each taste.

If you love sunshine and boho clothing options, you’re probably vaping with pineapple. Your optimistic personality likes how it reminds you of sunshine even on a dark day.

Breakfast Cereal

People who celebrate their inner kid at play find breakfast cereal to be one of the best vape flavors. It reminds you of the sugary bowls of goodness you had before school.

Those who vape breakfast cereal cherish the small moments in life and are always looking for ways to make mundane tasks more exciting. Life is a game, and they’re eager to play!

Green Apple

Green Apple is one of the best vape flavors for those with a major sassy side. Green apples are sweet with a tangy edge. People who choose this flavor are best on your good side.

They know how to be caring and kind, but you don’t want to cross them in the wrong way. Their major attitude will show.

The Best Vape Flavors for Your Personality 

Everyone has a desired flavor in mind when it comes to vaping, but there’s a lot of information about someone in those details. To discover what fits your taste, read above to discover the best vape flavors for your personality.

Whether you’re very sweet with a side of sour or the one person in the room who keeps it cool, there’s a flavor that fits you perfectly. Try them out to uncover your favorite.

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