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Challenge Coin History: How Reward Coins Motivate And Change Lives

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Challenge coins have a long tradition accompanied by legend and honor. As such, they have a special place in the hearts of many. Thanks to the rich challenge coin history, there is no shortage of stories for those who have them.

Carrying a challenge coin is a well-respected practice. It signifies that an individual is a member of an organization or a branch of the military. Even though challenge coins have a rich history, few people know what they really are.

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What Is a Challenge Coin? 

This is a small coin that bears the emblem or insignia of a particular organization. If you have been in the military, then you are aware of challenge coins. These pocket-sized medallions capture the essence of first responder affiliation.

They also instill pride in service men and women who carry them. Measuring 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter and 1/10-inch-thick, they come in different styles. For instance, you have pentagons, arrowheads, shields and dog tags.

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Challenge Coin History

The challenge coin history dates back to Ancient Rome. One of the earliest examples where the use of a coin took place is where a Roman soldier received his typical pay. As a bonus, the Roman soldier got a special coin.

History says that the coin was specially minted prompting the soldiers to hold them as a memento. The modern challenge coin comes from an American fighter pilot in World War I. The pilot got captured in Germany.

After a stint at a detention facility, the American soldier escaped. Confronted by French soldiers, he presented a challenge coin given to him by his Lieutenant to show he was an ally and not a German soldier. The coin had the American’s unit insignia leading to his release.

How Reward Coins Motivate and Change Lives

The popularity of challenge coins has become more than a symbol for the military. Today, they are common within government agencies, political offices, and civilian organizations. Want to know how to challenge coins motivate and change lives?

Read on and learn how to reward coins motivate and change lives.

Create a Special Bond

In the military, challenge coins help to create a special bond between servicemen upon graduation. Also, they help to create a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Simply put, it acts as a constant reminder of the special bond you have with your brothers in the military unit.

A few examples of challenge coins are marine corps challenge coin and navy challenge coins.

Promotes a Sense of Community

In business, a challenge coin helps to promote a sense of community. How? A company can issue challenge coins to its staff in exchange for cash points. These cash points help the staff get company swag as such as pens, shirts, and baseball caps.

As such, it helps to promote company pride and improves productivity at the workplace.

Inspire Loyalty

Challenge coins can inspire loyalty among military veterans. As such, the veterans get to feel that they belong to something special. Simply put, they know that the military has their backs.

Using Challenge Coins in Business

Reward coins are applicable in business. Challenge coin history shows that coins are useful for motivating employees. They are also useful for rewarding employees and creating a sense of community.

This improves morale which in turn leads to an increase in sales and revenue.

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