5 Simple Tips to Avoid Overeating: Only the Natural Way

posted by Chris Valentine

Overeating is a problem that largely contributes to the obesity epidemic of the 21st century. The American Journal on Addictions states that overeating isn’t a form of addiction, though it does share some traits with addictive behaviors. This means you can control it yourself and effectively resolve the problem using a few tricks, like eating a high-protein breakfast, or serving food in smaller plates. Note that to achieve the best results you’ll need to use every overeating management method you can think of and assess your personal response to each to determine which are most effective.

Please note that there’s also compulsive overeating, which is a type of eating disorder. It requires complex therapy and should be treated by professionals.

5 Simple Tips to Avoid Overeating by ‘Tricking’ Your Body and Mind

  1. Cut your servings (and plates too)

Overeating is so dangerous because you often don’t notice the problem at all. Leaving your plate empty is just something we do. But did you know that in the majority of cases, we serve ourselves far more than strictly necessary?

You can solve this issue right away by cutting your portions after doing some careful calorie calculations. To make it easier to adjust to this change, you should try replacing your plates. The idea is to get smaller plates so they look full despite containing smaller servings. This will trick your brain into believing that it consumes a larger and therefore more satiating meal.

  1. Control your appetite

One of the most important things you need to do if you want to avoid overeating is learning how to control your appetite. There are many strategies for this, from eating a high-protein breakfast, to flavoring your meals with ginger peppers or snacking on dark chocolate.

You can also consider taking appetite suppressants. These supplements can be a good choice for when you are getting used to a new diet. They will help curb the hunger pangs caused by a reduction in your portions at first. But these products can only be taken for short periods.

Remember that the most important rule of natural appetite control is to not allow yourself get very hungry. It’s at this point that you will be most likely to overeat. Eating about 5 small meals a day and snacking on a couple of nuts or piece of fruit when you’re getting hungry should help avoid this.

  1. Focus on your food

Distractions during mealtimes literally distract your brain from signaling that your stomach is full. That’s why you are likely to eat more if you play with your phone or read something while eating. Watching TV is also a distraction, and it’s essential that you strictly control the amount of snacks available while you enjoy a show.

Eating slowly and chewing your food carefully is very important if you want to avoid overeating because this allows the signal of ‘I’m full’ to reach your brain. When this happens, it will stop releasing hormones that make you feel hungry. By focusing on your meal, you’ll be able to facilitate this process.

  1. Never skip breakfast

You should avoid skipping meals by default as this is bad for your health and weight loss plan. However, skipping breakfast in particular is a taboo. This is the most important meal of the day because it provides you with energy to function through it.

The best breakfast is one high in proteins. They will take a while to digest, powering your body effectively until lunch. Mixing proteins with fiber (whole grain toast or cereal) will give you an extra boost of energy and keep you satiated longer.

  1. Don’t ban all treats

While you should aim to avoid overeating, you don’t have to give up on your favorite treats completely. Allow yourself a tiny bit when craving gets very strong, but be sure to stop at one small serving.

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