What are the health benefits of eating chocolate

posted by Chris Valentine

Chocolate is a favorite snack to many, especially when depressed or stressed since it helps you to calm down and relax. There are two types of chocolates which are the dark and white chocolate. Keep in mind that the most recommended chocolate is the dark one since it has a high percentage of cocoa than dairy and sugars. Research shows that eating dark chocolate occasionally can improve your health in many ways which include;

Improvement of Heart Functions

  • Dark chocolate helps the heart improve its function by ensuring that the arteries are in good state and flexible too. This is achieved through prevention of the white blood cells from sticking on the walls of the arteries which are the leading causes of the arteries blocking and slowing down their functioning. Therefore, the dark chocolate clears any obstacles that may hinder the arteries from working well.

Prevention of Stroke

  • Stroke is mainly caused by lack of enough blood pumped in the head. An excellent functioning heart saves one from various diseases such as stroke because the heart ensures that there is enough blood bumped and circulated on different parts of the body including the head.

Lowers Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Cocoa helps in lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the heart and hence increasing the good cholesterol in return. This helps in reducing the risks of one getting cardiovascular diseases which are linked to the high levels of harmful fats in the heart area.

Aids Weight Loss

  • Weight gain occurs if the blood sugar rises and the insulin fails to utilize the blood sugars accordingly. Well, research has been conducted regarding the chocolate health benefits and how it affects your weight in the body. And the results showed that the cocoa antioxidants found in the dark chocolate work by empowering the insulin to utilize the blood sugars in the body hence lowering the chances of getting overweight. A lot of doctors also recommend people to use the dark chocolate as a snack in their process of weight loss due to these reasons. This also helps you lower the risk of getting diabetes.

Protects your Skin

  • Although sunscreen lotion and creams are number recommended remedies for protecting your skin from the harsh sunlight rays, dark chocolate is also recommended for the same results. Majority of sunscreen protection products are made of cocoa, and the flavonoids present in the cocoa helps in protecting the skin against the UV rays. So combining both the creams and the cocoa can profoundly boost the protection of your skin.

Boosts the Mood

  • This is essential for expectant mothers since they are prone to having mood swings in the course of their pregnancies. By having a bite of the dark chocolate, the pregnant mother can have a right balance of the hormone which results in a good mood all the time.

Snacking on the dark chocolate has a lot of health benefits as we have seen from the above information. Note that although the dark chocolate has several health benefits, too much of it can cause some side effects and therefore one is advised to eat it in moderation.

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