Best Mattress for A Heavy Person

posted by Chris Valentine

Finding a mattress for a heavier person raises some serious problems. This is because heavier persons pose some unique set of challenges. These include the need to accommodate heavier weights and the higher rates of wear and tear they impose. It is because of these unique set of challenges that a discussion of this nature is by all means called for.

The theme of the preceding discussions is centered on the unique traits that a mattress for a heavy person ought to possess.

Unique traits of the best mattress for a heavy person:


Thickness is the measure of the distance between the top and the bottom layer of the mattress. It is the one that primarily determines the suitability of the mattress to accommodate a heavier person or not. A mattress for a heavy person has to be very thick. As a general rule, a mattress that is 12 inches thick and above is strongly recommended for those who weigh in excess of 200 pounds.


Heavy people exert great sinkage and hug onto the mattresses. Other than that, heavier people are more susceptible to the risks of back pains than slimmer people. It, therefore, follows that a mattress for a heavy person has to be very tough to counter such huge forces. For those that weigh in excess of 200 pounds, a medium to the medium-firm mattress is necessary.


Given that heavier people sink deeper into the mattress when asleep, they are more prone to the risks of suffocation. To counter this problem, the mattress of choice has to be very breathable. It has to contain as many perforations as possible to ensure the smooth circulation of air.

Properly Ventilated

Apart from becoming suffocated, heavy people also get too hot while asleep owing to their possession of excess body fat. It, therefore, follows that the mattresses designed with them in mind have to be properly ventilated. This is to allow the efficient cooling and regulation of temperatures. For this to happen, the mattresses have to be soft materials. They also have to be specially designed to improve the flow of air and distribution of heat.

Very Supportive

Mattresses are not just used for sleeping. Most people also use them during the day to rest and relax. In order to guarantee durability, a mattress for a heavy person has to possess supportive edges. This is to enhance comfort and also slow down the pace of wear and tear. For the record, hybrid and coil-on-coil mattress construction are the ones that provide the best edge support.

Reputable Brand

It is no secret that some brands are more reliable than others. This means the right mattress has to be manufactured by a reputable brand. As of the year 2018, Sapira, Big Fig, Avocado, Tempur-Pedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe, and Ghostbed are the major reputable brands. You should give them topmost priority while searching for the right mattress for a heavy person.

Right Type

Mattresses come in different types. Each type has its unique selling points and areas of specialization. They also confer varying degrees of comfort and support. This calls for great wisdom while choosing the right one. Choose Mattress for example, has information concerning the various kinds of mattresses. Follow it to obtain more information concerning those types of mattresses and to also be able to choose the best one of the desired type wisely.

Finding the right mattress for a heavy person is a very intriguing undertaking. This is due to the need to factor so many issues and the potentially disastrous consequences of making a wrong choice. These being the cases, you do not want to take any chances. You, by all means, have to invoke the assistance of a qualified sleep specialist. It is only in this way that you will make the right purchase and prevent any unnecessary problems.

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