Things to consider when shopping for the best blenders

posted by Chris Valentine

Choosing the right blenders should not be a daunting process. You can find a very nice blender if you take your time to search well, but the reason many of us end up with varieties that don’t satisfy our needs is because we lack the time to do the background search required. This can be understood as not all of us have the time to go through every product in the catalogue to see its features. That is why I have decided to come up with a simple guideline that will help you choose the perfect blender for you.


Wattage and horsepower are two important variables that determine how effective a blender is. Blenders with a high horsepower are able to blend faster and can work with hard solids. So, make sure to check the horsepower and wattage rating of your blender to ensure you pick one that can do the kind of blending you need at your kitchen.

Expected frequency of use

The reason you need to state the frequency of use of the blender is to ensure you choose a quality that matches the kind of heavy usage you would be working with. More expensive models give you better quality and can easily withstand usage over long periods of time and more frequently. Although you might want to save on your budget, quality is something you should not trade.

Controls offered

To aid blending, you need some controls. Each blender offers one of these controls, mostly for speed. When it comes to controls, there is the manual type where you hold a button for the blender to blend, and you have the automatic system that allows you to set a base speed before you start blending.

The automatic type is easier to use and most microprocessor blenders these days operate based on programmed cycles, meaning you can go about other things as the blender does the work. To know what we are talking about, look at this review on for insight and to see how such blenders work.

What material is it made of?

Material type and quality is the other factor you might need to look at before you pick which blender to buy. Those made of glass are easy to clean, but the disadvantage is that they are heavy and you could incur total loss in the unlikely event you drop the jar. Plastic is a good choice and in this category you will get a wide variety of quality. The material is lighter when compared to glass and can survive some knocks and drops.

Many people fear BPA in plastics, but this should not be a worry anymore as there are those with no BPA. You could also choose a stainless steel blender, which is easy to clean and also light. It’s biggest letdown is that it is not transparent and so you cannot see what is happening inside, and this means you will need to repeatedly turn the blender off to see if you have done to the right texture.

Consider a few of the above tips when out to buy a blender. You should ensure its power rating is sufficient to allow you to go about blending seamlessly. Its horsepower rating along with wattage will determine how fast the blender can blend. Don’t forget material quality and type as these will determine the durability of your blender.

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