The Basic Yet Powerful Software Every Business Needs

posted by Chris Valentine

There are certain things that every business needs in order to achieve success. No matter how good the business is or how strong the team is, without these basics it is always going to be an uphill struggle.

Among the key issues for any company is that of choosing the right software. By getting the following sorted out you will be giving your team a solid basis for achieving success.

Microsoft Word

There are many different word processors around, but none has managed to rival Microsoft Word in terms of global appeal. The simplicity and power of this software means that it can be used for a huge range of functions in any business.

Best of all, most people already know how to use Word. This means that you can bring in new staff and let them get to work on it right away. Word also integrates well with other Office apps and can be used online with Google Docs.

From letters to flyers and from labels to image editing, there is a lot that you can do with Word to make your business run more smoothly.

Microsoft Excel

Another classic from Microsoft that you can’t do without is Excel. This spreadsheet software is hugely versatile and can be used to automate a lot of tasks, such as adding up or subtracting numbers, working out totals, and calculating average figures.

Like Word, you should find that most people you employ already have at least a basic knowledge of Excel. If you need them to carry out more complex tasks then you might want to send them on Excel Courses to expand their knowledge.

Many companies use Excel just to record names and numbers in a list format. Yet, it also has a lot more to offer if you take the time to explore all of its many different functions.

A Good Anti-Virus

These has been a lot of publicity in recent years abut companies losing money and taking a hit on their reputation because of hackers breaching their systems. Yet, far too many business still don’t put enough focus on making their network as secure as possible.

The starting point for doing this is with a good anti-virus program. This will give you a basic defence against hackers and against nasty viruses finding their way onto your computers, but you will also want to look into additional security measures too.  

Cloud Storage Software

These days, there are no excuses for not using cloud software. The likes of Dropbox and Google Drive make it incredibly easy to have all of your documents available to anyone at any time.

There are a number of benefits to be gained from using the cloud for storing your documents. For example, this means that you won’t lose the information if your PC breaks down or you can’t get into your office for any reason.

You can also access all of the information that you need when you are away from your desk. In addition, it is possible to allow even a geographically dispersed team to work together seamlessly by letting them all access the same documents at the same time.   

Accounting and Invoicing 

Most businesses also need to use some form of accounting and invoicing software this as well. This is something that can make your processes a lot simpler and can also ensure that you keep a higher level of control over the money that enters and leaves your accounts.

Some software of this type is free to use. However, given its importance you may feel that it worth paying to get more flexible and fully-featured applications.

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