Are Cell Sites and Cell Towers Harmful?

posted by Chris Valentine

We are exposed to approximately RF (Radio Frequencies) than our grandparents were in there day to day lives. 100 Million times more radio frequencies to give a rough approximation. That’s the dramatic difference.  Naturally, this is going to entail questions of how it can affect the local population surrounding the cell tower or within close range of it at the very least; reasons being cell tower emitting radiation and the microwave antennas. The radiation being emitted will most likely be a topic of discussion during negotiations of cell tower lease rate or a cell tower lease buyout. If you have been approached by a wireless carrier this is something to take into serious consideration and become very knowledgable about; you will want to know that your own personal health and others won’t be at risk.

The cell towers are designed to emit radio waves, that are high-frequency with a reach of 45 miles. The idea is; the closer you are to the tower the more risk it poses to your health. Plenty will have expressed their concerns about the effects of living and working near one can cause. the problem is there is very little evidence that proves these concerns are real. The main point that is consistently debated that the radiation that the cell towers produce can cause cancer.  There are many other issues people would have but cancer is the biggest one.

If you’re a landlord and have been approached in regards to a  cell tower lease, you will want to know the facts such as the following below. You may be accepting of having a cell tower site on your property but people in the surrounding area will have concerns, one being obstructive of the natural scenery and the concern that it can be potentially harmful.

The first point, radio-frequency waves (RF), energy level are relatively low. This is dramatically clear to the other types of known radiation such as the following that are notorious for causing higher risks for cancer such as ultraviolet light (UV, perpetually emitted from the sun), gamma rays and X-rays. All three types of radiation are able to cause cancer because they are able to alter the chemical bonds in individual DNA molecules, thus resulting in them suffering from cancer.  Compared to those three the radio-frequencies look harmless.

Another case that relates to wavelength. The radio frequency (RF) waves characteristics is the fact it yields a longer wavelength. If it was to be concentrated by a mere inch or two in terms of size. Even though efforts to make the radio frequency waves concentrated; it won’t be enough to affect the cells of the individual or group exposed to it.

In the hypothetical scenario where the radio frequencies have the effect of altering the cells in your body at a higher dose, the radio frequency found at ground level is too low for any effects to take place and as consequence, cause damage to cells. Moreover, it’s dramatically below the recommended limits.

The degree of potency from radio frequency waves surrounding a cell tower

hardly have a difference compared to the background degrees of radio frequency radiation such as densely populated urban areas originating from a range of sources such as the following i.e. broadcasting stations, television, radio. All these reasons paint an easy conclusion for scientists to agree, that the likes of cell towers, cell phone antennas are very unlikely to be a cause of cancer.

Are cell towers able to cause other health problems?  

High degrees of radio frequency wave is able to cause body tissues to warm up. However, the surrounding areas of a cell tower have a radio frequency level that’s too low to be at all sufficient enough to cause any damage and cause other effects. Thus far there is zero evidence that’s published in a scientific report that cell towers can cause other types of problems to peoples health.

Naturally, there will be plenty of articles claiming several issues that report that cell towers are the cause of cancer, a lower sperm count, birth defects, cardiovascular stress, headaches and finally the most interesting claim is that cell tower radio wave frequencies are the cause of memory loss. There will also be plenty of conspiracy sites that will claim even more wilder issues than the memory loss example. However, you will have a cell tower consultant to educate you on such matters, moreover, you have cold hard facts that are backed up by science. For example, if you were able to strike up a good arrangement with a wireless carrier and the terms were extremely favourable. However, life in its typical fashion will bring up a few obstacles such as the locals in the neighbouring area of your property will half mixed views about the development of a cell tower and they will bring up the aforementioned issues. Due to your research and the education, you have received from your cell tower lease consultant you as a landlord already have a grasp of how radio frequencies work and are thus able to answer any of the concerns from the locals and put their minds at ease.

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