6 Benefits of Medical Marijuana They are Not Telling You

posted by Chris Valentine

Marijuana is one of the controlled substances in the U.S. Therefore, it is illegal to possess or consume marijuana. However, some states such as California, Arizona, and Oregon have legalized its use for medical reasons. Using medical marijuana is also allowed in certain countries such as Canada. You may be wondering why this substance is so important. Well, here are six benefits of medical marijuana they are not telling you about.

1. Relieves arthritis

Research conducted in 2011 showed that cannabis could reduce pain and boost sleep. This can bring a lot of relief to those suffering from arthritis. Researchers from different hospitals found out that painkillers with marijuana as an ingredient, when consumed by arthritic individuals for two weeks, reduced pain and promoted sleep in a much better way compared to other drugs.

2. Decreases anxiety

Harvard University researchers said in 2010 that marijuana reduces anxiety. Marijuana helps to improve your mood while also acting as a sedative. While this is true, consuming the drug in higher doses can result in increased anxiety and paranoia behaviors. The type of marijuana concentrates called hash is known to decrease depression, anxiety, and stress. Finding a guide on buying and smoking hash is very easy. While not many people are familiar with hash, its use for medicinal purposes has gone up.

3. Prevents Alzheimer’s

The active component of marijuana known as THC is said to lower the rate at which Alzheimer’s disease progresses according to a 2006 research by Kim Janda. The role of THC here is to lower the speed at which amyloid plaques are made. It is able to block the enzyme responsible for making the plaques in the brain. The plaques kill the cells of the brain and could also result in Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Reduces multiple Sclerosis pain

Multiple sclerosis causes muscle spasms as well as bad neurological effects and taking marijuana helps to stop these things from happening. To test this theory, Jody Cory Bloom conducted a study of 30 people suffering from multiple sclerosis with painful muscle contractions. Other medications had failed to ease these patients’ pain, but after a few days of smoking marijuana, they said that the pains had reduced a lot. The THC present in marijuana helps to relieve pain by bonding the muscles and nerve receptors.

5. Controls Epileptic seizures

Robert J. DeLorenzo’s study in 2003 helped to shed light on how marijuana controls epileptic seizures. He conducted his study on epileptic rats by giving them marijuana and the results were splendid; after roughly 10 hours, the seizures had stopped. According to Robert, THC responded by bonding the brain cells that control your relaxation and excitability thus controlling the seizures.

6. Protects your brain

To eliminate doubt on how marijuana can protect your brain in case of a stroke, a study was done on monkeys, rats, and mice at the University of Nottingham. It was noted that this drug reduces the area that the stroke affects, thus protecting the brain. Also, it helps the brain to remain protected in case of a concussion.

While there are dangers of consuming marijuana careless, studies have shown that the list of benefits is endless when consumed in the right way. Decreasing anxiety, protecting your brain, reducing pain, and controlling epileptic seizures is among the top benefits of medical marijuana that you probably didn’t know.

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