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10 Countries That Grow the World’s Best Marijuana

posted by Chris Valentine

From old favorites, to budding new frontiers, we’ve cultured a list of where the best weed in the road comes from. 

Renew those passports and book tickets my fellow marijuana tourists, because these ten countries are not only where the best weed in the world comes from, but they’re also super travel friendly- just as long as you don’t try to take home any souvenirs. 

1. The Netherlands

The Netherlands has long been known for their exceptional and choice buds. It’s also one of the few countries where you can bring back marijuana seeds, or order them online should you find a strain you really like. Outside of their kush cafes, the country is also filled with gorgeous sites and extremely kind people- making it a top choice when looking to travel for herb. 

2. The US

While few of the popular strains in the US actually originated there, growers have been creatively cultivating the finest cannabis known the world over. It can be difficult to secure cannabis seeds, as most growers guard them as if they were grandma’s recipe. However, pop into just about any dispensary in legal states and prepare yourself to be able to select some of the finest buds the world has to offer. 

3. Canada

Canada has long cultured great weed, but following full federal legalization of recreational marijuana use- you can now consume to your heart’s content. The country not only offers incredible, jaw dropping views and excellent heady hikes, but marry your high with some poutine and all dressed chips for a full Cannanuck adventure. Be wary of hitting the border while packing however, as there are staunch laws against transporting pot or even cannabis seeds back into the United States. 

4. Thailand

While Thailand hasn’t really kept up with cannabis trends, they are still the proud producers of a classic fan favorite. For years, Thai Stick was known to be the best of the best in bud culture. While they haven’t bumped up the THC like many other countries, you can still enjoy a reliable and relaxed high while chilling out on any one of the countries incredible beaches. 

5. Australia

Shocking- we know. But it turns out that while still technically illegal, the herb here is plentiful and really, really, potent. Australia has some super strict laws when it comes to bringing outside vegetation onto the island, so growers and crafters have has nothing but time to focus on how to get their strains potent and productive. Rumor has it that a team of Australians have created a strain that has a powerhouse of 40% THC, which doubles the strength of the strongest US strains at around 20%. Which is probably good considering that cannabis in Australia will cost you a pretty penny. 

6. Jamaica

Jamaica is pretty much synonymous with cannabis culture, and for really good reason. This country has been promoting pot culture and incredible weed for decades. In fact, most of the cannabis seeds and strains used by US producers come from Jamaica originally. Their balmy climate is ideal for growing in the wild, which give their particular brand of herb not only a fantastic high, but also a range of exotic tastes and aromas. 

7. Mexico

For years, Mexico was known only for their guerilla drug game and dirt bud- perhaps to their advantage. In recent years it’s become obvious that this country was saving the best for locals. Known as The Godfather of ganja (the word marihuana is in fact- Mexican), these guys no how to produce some seriously potent Sativas and candidly chill Kush. Bonus points for burying your feet in the sand and helping yourself to some authentic tacos for a perfectly authentic tour-de-chronic.

8. Spain

While Spain isn’t talked about often, and produce some mostly decent weed, it’s their hash game and awesome tourism scene that will keep you coming back for more. Most laws regarding recreational marijuana use are super lax, so you shouldn’t get hassled for puffing out in public. Spanish hash is some of the finest, smooth, and mellow herb in the game- so while their weed may just be so-so, we definitely suggest you roll up a spliff before your stroll. 

9. Croatia

Croatia is a stunning country. It has wildly diverse landscapes and environments, from mountains and forests, to pale sands and bright blue beach waters. The country is filled to the brim with kind and friendly people, and their cannabis is top notch. Personal use is decriminalized, but it can be a bit tricky to find yourself someone will to deal. However, should kismet place into your hands some kush, don’t look that gift horse in the mouth. Cannabis seeds are next to impossible to come by, and their strains tend to be quite a bit less potent than others, however the killer views and exotic tastes of their buds will have just about anyone coming back for more. 

10. Kazakhstan 

We know- as a Westerner, particularly American, pretty much any country that ends in “-stan” seems incredibly scary and wholly off limits. However, in Kazakhstan, that’s just not true. Tourism has been burgeoning in the massive country over the last few years, but not so much so that you’re constantly going to be hammered by scam artists and tour buses. The country is relatively safe and easy to get around, and locals have been producing and smoking some of the finest bud in the world for decades. It’s still not legal for personal use, but as long as you’re not lighting up in public you should be alright. Almost all of their weed is grown wild and has complex and delightful flavors that compliment the mellow and happy high. 

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