The Insider’s Guide to Hypnosis

posted by Chris Valentine

Positive hypnosis is a powerful form of therapy. While some individuals may find themselves initially hesitant to start this sort of therapy, the best way to have an effective experience with hypnosis is to be open to whatever may happen.

Read on for an insider’s guide to positive hypnosis.

1. Keep your mind open

Whether you know a lot about hypnosis or you’ve just started learning about it, hypnosis won’t be as impactful if. You aren’t open to it. If you really hope to see how positive hypnosis will change your life, you must be honest with yourself and the hypnosis experience. Whether you’re attempting hypnosis on your own or you’re working with an expert, you need to lay all your cards on the table and truly believe in what you’re doing.

Start by accepting the unknown. There is no guarantee of what you will hear, see, or experience during hypnosis, so you must be comfortable with not being in control of the outcome. They will discover what is on the other side of this hypnotic experience should be enough to keep your mind open.

2. Relax your body and mind

Just as you want to have an open mind going into hypnosis, you need to demonstrate that openness in the way your body is relaxed. Diving into hypnosis, can reveal many different things about your past and present. While the thought of learning all of this new information about yourself can be nerve-wracking, it is important that you remain relaxed during this time.

Studies point out that the calmer an individual is going into hypnosis, the more capable they will be tapping into their mental energy. Not sure how to calm down before your hypnosis session? Try some mindfulness techniques to help center your thoughts and prepare your body for your hypnotic experience.

These mindfulness techniques can include meditative breathing where you focus on taking deep breaths. This technique will allow you to stay in the moment as your anxieties and fear melt away simultaneously. This will help to put you in the proper mindset for your hypnosis.

3. Take your time

There is no one-way to experience hypnosis. While one person may reach certain hypnotic achievements faster than others, everyone has to move through hypnosis therapy at their own pace. For those individuals that are completely new to hypnosis, the first session won’t always be as groundbreaking as they may hope.

The best thing to do when experiencing hypnosis is to see it as a journey rather than a destination. If you truly hope to see real results from hypnosis, you need to be willing to take the time to go through the process and let the revelations happen to you in due time. The therapy itself is a process that centers on progress and improvement. In order to see how positive hypnosis impacts your life, you’ll have to stick to it for the long-term.

4. Envision what you hope to achieve

Most people turn to hypnosis as a way to meet a particular need. Are you hoping to overcome some past trauma? Do you feel like there’s something in your life that you just don’t understand? To make sure your hypnosis is as beneficial as possible, practice envisioning what you hope to achieve from your hypnosis.

Part of this process involves learning just how hypnosis can help you achieve your goals. Julia Cannon from Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (http://www.qhhtofficial.com/) says that past life regression therapy can help you recall memories from previous lives through guided hypnosis. If you are hoping to use your hypnosis sessions to tap into these past lives, start envisioning what that will look like. While reality typically won’t match up to what we imagine, being able to visualize the process will make the actual hypnosis that much more effective.

5. Stay positive

When all is said and done, delving into your past lives can bring about traumas and negative feelings. This can make anyone even more nervous about going through the hypnosis process. While you may feel very real dissatisfactory feelings, the best way to experience hypnosis is to focus on positive things.  Being positive with hypnosis starts by focusing your energy on certain things. For example, make the switch from thinking about a negative emotion to a positive one. This can take the form of positive thoughts about hypnosis or your self-talk during the actual hypnosis experience.

While there is still far more to learn about hypnosis, this insider’s guide should give you a general understanding of how to approach positive hypnosis therapy. While there’s no right or wrong way to experience hypnosis, there are several steps to take before, during, and after the session that will enhance your experience. Be sure to keep this guide in mind as you learn more about hypnosis.

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