How to Get Quick Access to Medical Care

posted by Chris Valentine

We have all been unwell or have had a loved one fall ill at one time or another. During such times, all the focus is on seeing a doctor and getting some direction on what is going on as quickly as possible.

However, the reality is often very different, as you can spend hours waiting to get treatment.

In this article, read up on some tips in order to help you get quick access to medical care when you or your loved ones need it. 

1. Bypass Public Hospitals

If you can, go to a private clinic in Montreal instead of a public hospital. 

Public hospitals are at times short-staffed and are often dotted with crowded waiting rooms of patients waiting for treatment. 

Private clinics are just the opposite, making their waiting time significantly shorter. 

2. Avoid Large Trauma Centers

If you are looking to be in and out, bigger is not always better when it comes to healthcare institutions. 

Broadly speaking, you can expect large trauma-1 hospitals to be busy. The same goes for medical teaching hospitals. Therefore, you are probably better off driving to a smaller community ER rather than big ones.

Unless these community ERs see an abnormal swell in patient numbers, they are your best bet for quick access to medical care. 

3. Leverage Telemedicine

Uncomplicated illnesses, prescription refills, and routine follow-ups do not always have to be done in person. 

You can find out if your primary physician offers telemedicine and use this option instead. 

This avenue is also viable for pre screening. For example, if you are unsure whether to head over to the ER or not, telemedicine or calling your primary physician can provide screening and direction on the next action point. 

4. Do Your Research Beforehand

Trying to identify a good hospital when in pain is the wrong way to go about it. Once you settle in a new city or town, try to acquaint yourself with the health network. 

Find out where the closest hospitals and medical clinics are located and the fastest routes to get there. 

As you do this, identify providers that are covered on your health insurance. Going to the wrong hospitals would force you to pay out of pocket or go from one facility to the next, which is the last thing you want to do when sick. 

Another thing you can look up is the average ER waiting times. Most hospitals will not give this information over a phone call but will post it on their websites.

There You Have It

While not foolproof, these tips should help you get treatment quickly whenever you need it. Essentially, it’s all about planning, good research, and putting some thought into your hospital choices. 

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