4 Secrets to Starting Successful Etsy Shops

posted by Chris Valentine

Did you know that there are over 2.5 million sellers on Etsy?

That’s a whole lot of building, painting, drawing, and crafting! Unfortunately, it’s also a lot of competition.

If you want to make sure your Etsy shop is successful, you not only need to sell high-quality, in-demand goods, but you also need to know how to market them properly. When setting up your Etsy store, there are certain things you can do to make it stand out.

Find out more in our guide and make sure you’re one of the many successful Etsy shops around the world.

1. Look at Other Etsy Shops in Your Niche

Before you create an Etsy store, it’s important to size up the competition. Grab a notebook and start researching other sellers in your niche. Here are some things to note down:

  • How much similar products are selling for?
  • How are they photographing their products?
  • How are other shops branding their products?
  • What do you like and not like about shops similar to yours?

You don’t want to copy other shops, but seeing what they’re doing is great for inspiring your own branding and marketing, and it can give you hints on what not to do either! Check out some reviews, too, to see what people are liking and what they’re complaining about.

2. Think About Branding

You’re probably in a rush to get up and running, but slow down for a second to think about branding. Every small business needs effective branding to help them stand out. Some things that your shop could have include a logo, a tone of voice when creating descriptions, and a specific way of photographing your products.

3. Think About SEO

Etsy is a creative marketplace, but there are also times when you need to be a little more technical. SEO is one of these things. SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about getting you noticed and making sure the people who are looking for your items find you, and not a competitor. 

This is a super effective form of online marketing and it works just as well in Etsy’s search as in Google’s or Bings! Make sure you learn about it before setting up your shop.

4. Get on Social Media

From bubble baths to baby clothes, whatever you’re selling you need to advertise it. Although you can generate sales through Etsy searches, you’ll quickly boost them if you market outside of the platform too! Set up social media pages on Instagram and Pinterest that show off your products and encourage your audience to buy them. 

This is a budget-friendly marketing tactic that’s great for small businesses! If you need inspiration, find the social media pages of similar Etsy shops and see what they’re doing.

Set Up Successful Etsy Shops

There are tons of Etsy shops out there, but not all of them can be successful. Luckily, you’ve given yours a great start just by reading this blog!

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