5 Advantages of Alternative High Schools

posted by Chris Valentine

When you hear the phrase alternative high schools, what does it mean to you? For many, it means remedial classes for those who struggle to succeed in a traditional class setting. For others, it means fancy charter schools.

Believe it or not, the term actually falls into both categories. Alternative high school is just that. A type of school that’s different from the norm. It creates a unique learning experience that helps many students flourish and reach their true potential.

That’s why a lot of parents are choosing this path for their children. Check out this guide to learn if your student can benefit.

1. It Meets Special Needs 

Many students love the traditional high school setting. They find the idea of meeting new friends and attending large classes thrilling. Some kids don’t find it quite as enjoyable. 

There’s too much going on for them to feel comfortable. For these students, alternative high school learning is the way to go. The smaller class sizes and fewer students create a much more calming environment for them.

2. Flexible Schedules 

Charter schools like compass High allow students to make their own schedule. If your child feels more comfortable starting their work later on in the afternoon, that’s an option.

They can go home for months at a time to be with you for the holidays. You can go here to learn more about Compass High School scheduling.

3. Small Class Sizes 

Teachers who work at a traditional school have maybe 20-30 children in their classes. Alternative high school teachers are lucky to have 15. Some schools even offer 1 on 1 learning between a student and teacher. 

The smaller class sizes allow students to have a more personalized learning experience. They’re a name instead of a number. That appeals to both children and parents alike.

4. Diverse Assessments 

When it comes to traditional schools, standardized tests and papers are king. The assessments at alternative schools work a little differently in that they play to a child’s strengths. 

For example, if it’s easier for a child to show that they grasp the learning material through art, then they can present a project that they’ve prepared. As long as they understand what they’re learning, that’s all that matters.

5. Grading Isn’t as Stressful 

Charter schools have the reputation of being rather strict. Even so, grading isn’t too important. Well, it’s not that grading isn’t important and more that they don’t put a huge emphasis on it. 

Certain alternative schools don’t assign letter grades at all. Since the children aren’t constant balls of stress about their grades, they can focus all their energy on learning. 

Consider Alternative High Schools 

If your child is miserable in a normal school setting, it might be time for you to consider alternative high schools. Many of the stressors that come with high school aren’t present in these facilities. This allows all the children to be able to focus on their work, develop, and thrive. 

If you’re still debating on where to send your child to school, we might be able to help. Check out the education section of our blog for more articles like this one.

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