Emerging applications of Artificial Intelligence

posted by Chris Valentine

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a growing phenomenon around the world. More and more people are willing to learn its basics given that it is an up and coming field. How? Here are some examples of its most popular emerging applications. 

The use of voice recognition and searches 

The use of voice searches is on the rise and it is predicted that in 2020 half of the population will be using voice searching. Machine learning is also u=integrated in this tool so that it will improve and enhance with more interactions. Voice recognition and searches you are commonly using at homes with Google Home and Google Assistant in your smartphones. These are all AI powered tools that talk with humans to make their routine tasks efficient. 

Healthcare system 

The healthcare system is really benefitting from the AI technology. The AI-assisted robotic surgeries, digital nursing assistants, Virtual doctor and other aide in diagnosis helps the healthcare system a lot, not only making it more effective but also saving billions of dollars. The use of AI in healthcare system is to use the previous records and judgments of patients to help in the future judgments and decisions. The robotic aide surgeries are more accurately performed with the help of robots as image analysis will be perform with the help of them and accurate tasks which requires precision will be done by them in less time. The digital doctors and nursing assistants will save patients time to visit the hospital as it will give prescription automatically based on previous records and analysis. One example of using AI to help in admin tasks is a partnership between the Cleveland Clinic and IBM that uses IBM’s Watson to mine big data and assist physicians to provide a modified and more effective treatment experience.

Self-Driven Cars

Self-driven cars are the future of cars and automobile industry. Today, real self-driving shuttles are working examples of AI powered driving, operating in cities like Detroit and Columbus, Ohio in Unites States of America. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announced that at the end of 2020 Tesla will launch self-driven cars on the other companies like Waymo, Ford and Uber promise to propose AI powered cars in the near future. The cars not only provide eco-friendly and sustainable way to travel but it will help in reducing accidents. The Self-driven taxis by Uber will give customer refreshing and comfortable experience. Public transport and educational institutes will also be using technology for their day to day activities.

Enhancing Research

Machine learning can be integrated with AI to improve the inputs of data and research. The research data teams which are created solely to get input and analyze data will be replaced by bots. As bots will follow simple instructions from programming to get the input and organized it into records and use the records with the help of machine learning to give valuable insights and predictions. This will be done in minutes and therefore human involvement will not be needed more, this technology has been adopted by many companies as a secondary measure and proves to be very useful. Many financial corporations and marketing departments of large corporations are using digital strategies integrated with AI.

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