eTargetMedia – Think Email Marketing is Dead? Think Again

posted by Chris Valentine

I have had my business in Coconut Creek, Florida for over 30 years and when digital marketing first came on the scene I was a huge proponent of it. In fact I was able to open up a second vegan cafe thanks to the success which I had when I invested in an email marketing campaign. Over the years email marketing changed a lot and I instead chose to invest in SEO. Last year I had a chance meeting with a friend of mine in Coconut Creek, Florida, who was working for eTargetMedia, an email marketing company. He convinced me that email marketing was not dead and so I decided to go back to it, and he certainly wasn’t wrong.

The Issue

Email marketing didn’t die but it became less and less effective as the years rolled on. Once upon a time I could count on 15% click through rates but when they started falling down to the 3-4% mark, I realized that it couldn’t have the same impact as it did before. Email marketing companies were quick to address this and they have improved it a great deal.


The key to the shift in the success which you can count on with email marketing is that it can now be targeted to your exact demographic client base. In the past there were ways and means of getting your information to the right people but generally it was more about throwing mud at the wall and seeing what stuck. Thanks to advanced software and smarter solutions we can now tailor-make our email marketing campaigns so that the people who receive the communication are going to be far, far more likely to give you the time of day. This is a real game-changer and it is one which has greatly helped my business. As a vegan restaurant owner you can only imagine me sending 10,000 emails out and 9,000 of them going to meat eaters, which resulted in poor results, these days all that has changed.


It is not just the demographic which we can change in the modern world of email marketing but also the way in which we formulate our emails. As more advanced software has come along we now have more and more metrics by which we can measure the engagement of our emails. Using this feedback we can tailor emails far more than ever and make them vert personal. We can use different email styles for existing customers and new customers and we can ensure that even gif we only get a 5% click through rate, those 5% are going to be actively interested in doing business with us, in the past you may have seen a 15% click through rate but many wouldn’t have really been ready to spend any money.

If you thought that email marketing was dead then think again, my bottom line is a perfect example of the fact that it is certainly here to stay.

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