Importance of Social Advertising to Your Business

posted by Chris Valentine

Whether you’ve just launched a business or have been operating for a while, the importance of social advertising to keep your business going is never-ending. With everyone constantly online, it has become essential to reach your audience on the same platforms they’re using regularly.

Here are a few reasons how social advertising can really improve your business:

Reach your target audience

When using digital marketing, there are many tools that allow you to focus your advertising on being seen by your target audience. When using social advertising, it will ensure that the customers who are interested in your products or services are reached. It also allows you to solidify your social media presence by increasing your visibility online and therefore giving you a better opportunity to make more sales in the future.

Improves your SEO

In order to maintain a strong digital presence, you need to make sure your meeting SEO requirements and that you’re boosting it effectively. Using effective digital marketing will improve your SEO and therefore always keep your business visible on the right platforms whenever anyone is searching for a similar product or service that your business provides. You can even drive more traffic to your website just by using advertisements that boost your SEO.

Expand your business

When advertising online, you get to choose which demographic you want to see your posts according to their age, gender, location, and even interests or hobbies. That means that you could reach out to different segments of the population and expand your business towards them if you feel your products or services will be appealing to them. You can even focus on advertising globally and going international without spending more money than you would spend locally. That way, you not only get to expand the business and reach a wider audience, but you also reduce the costs.

Drive traffic to your website or store

What’s the point in expanding your social media networks or working on growing your social media presence? The whole purpose is to be able to drive people to your website or store and translate that into actual sales. That way, there is a direct relationship between effective digital marketing and how well it improves your sales. You will be able to not only monitor, but also understand how effective it actually is.

Improve your business image

In the digital world we live in, numbers are important. How many followers a business has, how many likes each post gets and who is talking about it makes all the difference. The trust in a business can be magnified or diminished based on the social presence a business has online. That’s why it is essential to use digital marketing strategies that not only increase your overall followers, but also gain more trust and credibility based on the numbers your business translates into. Using digital marketing can help attract more users to your network and help your social presence grow, improving your overall business image.

Customer engagement

With many competitors coming up every other day, it is easy for customers to forget about your business or be attracted to your competitors. In order to increase customer engagement and always have your business in the back of their minds, it is essential to use social media and digital advertising to get customers to not only constantly see your business on their social networks but also engage with your advertisements or platform, growing a deeper connection. Advertising online will also give the customers the opportunity of always being up to date with your latest products, offers, or any announcements you might have without having to depend solely on the customers coming to your store.

Can be creative and fun

Because social media platforms are so engaging, it is quite easy to enhance digital marketing strategies that will not only appeal to customers, but will also encourage them to interact with your brand and even be a marketing tool for you. This can be done by using creative and fun strategies to promote your products or services, such as competitions or activations that each user can not only take part in on your networks, but also feel excited enough to share to their own accounts, increasing the publicity and making advertisements even more effective. The more creative an activation is, the more engaging it will be for the customers. More often than not, when rewards are part of the plan, more customers get out of their shell and will allow themselves to interact with your business.

Reduce costs

With print ads and TV advertisements being ridiculously expensive, using digital marketing can be extremely cost-effective. Depending on the advertising campaign you’re running, the costs can be minimal and still extremely effective, as they target the correct audience. That way, you’ll be spending a fraction of the costs, but be visible on the platforms that are useful, making your advertising techniques efficient.


One of the reasons social advertising is effective, is because it not only works on using the right platforms, but because it also gives you a detailed analysis of how efficient your advertising was. You can understand how many people clicked on your post, what the dominating gender reacting is, what their age is, how many people were directed from your post to your website and even the amount of people the post reached. That way, you can start analyzing your advertising criteria and understanding how effective it is or if it needs further tweaking to reach a more specific audience. If you feel the advertising was on point and translated into sales, then maintaining your business will be a piece of cake.

Social advertisements keep your business alive in the eyes of the consumer and will always keep them up to date with your latest news. Whether that’s new products, new branches or even a sale or discount on selected items, using social advertising will allow the right target audience to be fully aware of what’s happening with your business. That way, you’ll not only improve your overall business image, but will also drive more traffic to your stores that can be translated into sales.

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