The Secrets of Customer Success for your SaaS Business

posted by Chris Valentine

We live in an era where customers lead the way. If, as a business, you have managed to attain great customer success, then there is no looking back. Customer success is a business methodology that puts stress on 100% of customers’ desired outcome fulfillment from the respective product/service. Simply put, it is to ensure that the product/service should meet all the customers’ expectations. The more customer success a company has, the more likely it is to grow.

On a broader perspective, customer success in SaaS business includes: 

  • Ensuring the company is getting new projects and getting most of its product value. 
  • Converting trials into paying business. 
  • Making sure that existing customers are satisfied with the current product and any customization requirement is taken care of.
  • Getting real-time feedback and improving service/product based upon them.
  • High customer retention and LTV (Lifetime Value). 
  • Low customer churn rate. 


Customer Success in SaaS business

Though attaining great customer success is imperative in every business ecosystem, it gains more weight in SaaS-based companies. It is because the product here is software and it is directly put for use at the customers’ disposal. The entire company operations are dependent on the software.  The high customer success of your SaaS business will pay you high dividends and benefits.

But, the burning question here is: 

How to attain it? 

Well, here are the ways –


  • Make your existing customers happy and reduce churn 


Though building a new customer base is important, holding the existing one is more important.  A major part of any SaaS-based business comes from the regular subscription of the existing customers. If they failed to get a hold of this recurring revenue, then their downfall is nearing. So, the SaaS industry must find out ways to gratify the existing customers by all means. 

The very first step is to set-up a dedicated customer care center.  It should have customer care executives with a proactive approach, virtual phone system, call center software, and attitude to give quick solutions. Also, there should be a responsive bridge between your customers, customer care center, and the technical team.   However, setting up all this is not enough. Their service deliverance quality also matters. 

Your customers would not be satisfied if they had to wait for long even when a system is down, and their operations are not available. The operations of the customer care center must be made available at every level, therefore. Seeing this, we can conclude that a virtual phone system is a great choice for a SaaS-based business ecosystem. 

It is a revolutionary telecommunication system that offers a lot of business features to reduce call waiting time for customers and provide immediate assistance. All the calls are served on a first come, first serve basis in this scenario. Also, if one line is busy, the call will be auto-directed to the next available line. 

Studies have revealed that companies have improved customer satisfaction by manifolds after switching to VoIP phone number. So, pave your path to commendable customer success with the diligently designed customer care center. 


  • Weave your business strategies as your customers want 


As SaaS-based companies are going to deal with the customers directly, their service deliverance should be as was expected by the customer. In that case, they should take continuous real-time feedback from the customers. Though this process is tedious in nature, it holds great importance when you seek a high customer success rate. 

Few healthy practices to achieve it are forming customer advisory board, generating online feedback forms, asking for reviews after every successful implementation, doing regular soft interviews with the virtual phone system, allotting an executive sponsor to each customer account, and conducting service quality audits. 

Also, you can buy an international phone number for your business and set your customers free from any call incurring charges. When customers see that calling to a service provider is absolutely free, they are more likely to contact you and giving details about the issues they are facing. Based on their inputs, you can improve your service/products. 

Once you gather the customer inputs, make sure you acknowledge them and revert them with a simple “thank you.”


  • Try to make trail customers into regular clients 


Offering a free trial is a part of every SaaS-based business, and it is a great way to increase your customer base. However, you should not waste this opportunity. You should make sure that the trial customer should convert into the regular customer. For this, we would suggest you provide ample training and customer care support. Make sure that the training should be precise and in-depth. Also, keep your VoIP phone number’s line free to answer the queries of trial customers. 

In fact, SaaS companies should own different local phone numbers just for trial customers to provide them immediate assistance. 

So, take a quick turn towards the customer success of your SaaS business with these tips and touch the sky of success. 

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