Will You Let Pain Dictate Your Life?  

posted by Chris Valentine

Physical pain (not to mention the emotional pain that can come from it) can be one of the most difficult challenges to live with.

When you get up each and every day with pain, go to bed each and every night with pain, not to mention suffer bouts of it in between, the days can seem forever long.

That said have you all but given up on finding a solution to your pain issue?

Whether the pain began from an accident in the workplace, in a vehicle, while working out, a fall, lifting something the wrong way at home etc. the fact is that you’re now dealing with constant pain. As a result, life has changed for you, certainly not for the better.

The big question then becomes, will you let pain dictate your life?

If the answer is no, what means necessary will you go to in order to defeat pain?


Beating Pain at Its Own Game

So that you can get the upper-hand on pain, remember these pointers:

  1. Identify the problem – For starters, getting a successful diagnosis of your problems with pain can be the most excruciating task at hand. For one, many individuals will visit doctor after doctor, only to become frustrated due to the fact they can’t receive a true diagnosis of the problem. Your first task when you are suffering from pain is finding the right doctor to come up with the right diagnosis. One doctor may say this is the problem, putting you on medication to try and fix the issue. Another doctor may look at the situation in a totally different manner, leaving you confused. Throw in a third diagnosis that is completely different from the first two, you arrive at the ultimate state of frustration and even some anger. No matter how long it takes, find the right doctor to give you the right diagnosis and treatment suggestions;
  2. Fighting the problem – Even though many doctors are not shy at throwing pain medication towards patients, the idea of sending someone to a pain treatment center should always be in the conversation. With such a facility, patients can receive a precise diagnosis as to why they are feeling the way they are. Learn about why you have pain, where it is originating from, and how best to treat it. Unlike when visiting a general doctor, one who has countless patients day after day, a trip to a pain treatment facility allows you dedicated time with someone who is determined to get to the root cause of your pain;
  3. Removing the problem – Although you may never be 100 percent clear of pain the remainder of your life, you can certainly improve the quality of it by working with a pain treatment specialist. A specialist can also discuss with you your overall life approach, both before and after you started getting severe pain, be it in your back, neck, shoulder, legs, head etc. For example, someone who tips the scales at more than 300 pounds and suffers from back pain needs to consider their diet (or lack thereof) as an important piece of the puzzle. Making sensible choices in one’s daily life can go a long way in limiting or even removing such pain suffering;
  4. Having an attitude towards the problem – Finally, having the right attitude in order to fix the pain problem can never be taken for granted. If you are constantly feeling like things can’t get better and there is no end in sight to your suffering, odds are you will not improve your situation. On the other hand, having a positive attitude can go a long way in defeating pain altogether or at least minimizing its impact on your daily life.


When it comes to taking the fight to pain, it has to be a winning attitude and approach that saves the day.

If you’re not happy (and you should not be) about the idea of letting pain get the better of you, then now is the time to stand up and fight back against it.

Should you decide to give a pain treatment specialist the opportunity to help you, there is a strong chance you will put pain in its place.

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