DIY weight loss procedure officially on the market

posted by Chris Valentine
There is now a DIY weight loss procedure to help you drop those pounds

Photo by CC user 11121568@N06 on Flickr

The weight loss industry was hit with a state of amazement recently, following the news that a weight loss stomach pump had entered the market.

Not only has the treatment entered the market, but it has now received FDA approval. In other words, anyone in the United States is now free to take advantage of the procedure.

Of course, the term DIY weight loss procedure is hardly enlightening. Therefore, here is a summary to highlight the revolutionary treatment and show what sort of effect it might have on the industry as a whole.

What is the procedure in a nutshell?

Going by the name of AspireAssist, the press has actually classed the procedure as a “stomach pump device”.

While we may have been coining the treatment as do-it-yourself, initially some surgery is required. However, this is performed as an endoscopic procedure, where a tube is placed through the abdominal wall and into the stomach.

It’s from this point on in which the patient has complete control. After consuming a meal, they are able to pump the contents out of their stomach and into a toilet.

In terms of size, AspireAssist is by no means cumbersome and is actually the size of a smartphone.

What is the weight loss potential?

Perhaps one of the most interesting elements of the procedure is the weight loss potential.

On first thought, one might believe that the potential would be small – as it does appear to be a very simple way in which to overcome weight loss.

However, the studies so far have been extremely encouraging. If we turn to the FDA study, in which 171 patients took part, the weight lost by those who had the device fitted was bordering on the unbelievable.

This group lost three times more than those who didn’t use the device and suffice to say, this sort of loss could have monumental benefits for those suffering from obesity and other related problems.

As well as the studies, it’s worth taking a look at some other statistics that surround the procedure. It has been designed to suck out 30% of calories which are consumed – which perhaps gives an even better indication on how much weight people could use courtesy of the device.

How does it fare in comparison to traditional weight loss surgery?

While the device is most definitely effective, there’s no doubt that some people just won’t be comfortable with the thought of pumping out their stomach.

It means that traditional weight loss surgery, such as gastric balloons and lap band treatment, are definitely here to stay for good. Several experts have also commented that surgery such as these can be more effective for those people who are suffering from morbid obesity and are in need for measures to improve their health – which should be taken into account as well.

However, for those who are perhaps on the edge, it would appear that AspireAssist is at least a viable alternative and could be very appropriate for certain circumstances.

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