Important 2016 SEO Rules You Need To Respect

posted by Chris Valentine
What 2016 SEO Rules do you need to know about?

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Whenever talking about digital marketing we have to discuss search engine optimization. It is a huge part of promoting any website in the world. Many see it as the most important part of online marketing, mainly because of the fact that search engines are used by most potential customers that want to use the internet to learn about what they will buy. Google is now considered an important news source and is used much more than the media in the common buying process.

Search engine optimization has been around for so much time now and every single year new trends appear. 2016 is not different. In order to be sure that the hired SEO company does good work or if you are on the right path, here are the 2016 SEO rules you should be aware of right now.

Long-Form Content Importance

For so many years Google highlighted how important the quality of the content is when compared with all the SEO strategies that are used to rank pages. Factors like the length of the content or the quality of the content are now more important than they ever were. Long-form basically offers a much higher value. Google will end up ranking the content a lot higher than when we do not have that great quality included.

The Growth Of Mobile Use

Mobile device use is constantly growing at a rate that is so much higher than what everyone expected. Because of this, we need to always remember that SEO has to take the mobile user into account. Around 60 percent of cell phone users now own a smartphone and use it to browse the internet. In the event that the website is not optimized for smartphone use, it is a certainty that huge problems are going to appear. SEO specialists have to focus on developing content in a way that it will be perfectly viewed on mobile phones.

Keywords Are No Longer The Focus

Ever since 2013 specialists highlighted the fact that keywords are going to be a lot less important when compared with context, what the visitor does, where he comes from, what time it is and so on. Search engines do not focus just on the keywords that are present on a website, as it was the case some time ago.

A much better approach than focusing on keywords is to create content that offers exactly what the visitor is looking for. If the user experience is great, the work of the SEO specialist will be a lot more efficient.

Content Scraping

This is one trend that few people are aware of. Google started to scrape content from websites and they show that content directly in the search engine. The best example highlighted in the past was having NFL scores highlighted instantly in search engines. Users do not have to visit in order to see the scores. This is something that has to be taken into account. Scraping can drastically reduce the traffic that comes from the large search engines.

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