How to Choose Video Topics Youtube Loves by TubeKarma Reviews

posted by Chris Valentine

Since YouTube is the second largest search engine (after Google, of course), it should be no surprise that you can find any topic under the sun on there. However, what might surprise you is just how many videos about any given topic are uploaded to YouTube every day–and some topics have millions of them.

So if you want your video to get found by more people, it’s probably a good idea to choose your video topic wisely. According to the folks at TubeKarma Reviews, the best way to find out what you should be talking about is just to ask YouTube itself.

What do millions of people search for? What are topics constantly popular with viewers?

If something gets a lot of searches and views, that probably means people are interested in it. So if you can create videos about that topic, you’ll be able to reach more people who might want to watch your video and maybe even subscribe!

YouTube Trends

If you’d like to discover what other people are watching on YouTube, take a look at the YouTube Trends Dashboard. Based on YouTube searches or views, the page will show you the most popular videos related to any given subject.

So, for example, go there and click on “Music” in the menu bar up top. You’ll see a page full of different kinds of music videos people watch most often–everything from “Greatest Love Of All – Whitney Houston” to “Tik Tok – Kesha” to “Amazing Horse – Rebecca Black.”

Scroll down the page, and you’ll even get to see specific genres of music that are constantly popular with YouTube viewers–everything from “African Music” to “Christian Music” to “Gospel Music.”

If you’re making a video about something that’s constantly popular on YouTube, that’s a pretty safe bet. Chances are you’ll find plenty of people who want to watch and share your video–and maybe even subscribe to your channel.

But if you’re making a video about something that isn’t nearly as popular on YouTube, you might need to take another approach. How can you get views if nobody wants to watch your video?

How to Find Out What People Want To Watch on YouTube

The most popular videos on YouTube are usually about pop culture, celebrities, and comedy. So if you want to make a video that will get a lot of views (and hopefully earn you some subscribers), why not try making one of those kinds of videos yourself?

There are some popular videos that get surprisingly little attention, though. One of the most common reasons for this is “relevance.” If nobody is searching for a specific topic on YouTube–even if it’s very popular in real life–it won’t show up on YouTube Trends Dashboard, and nobody will watch your video about it.

That’s why you might want to consider making a video about something else, instead.

Closing Thoughts

Some topics get a lot of views but aren’t very popular overall. These might be interesting to talk about, and they’re probably still going to earn you plenty of views–but don’t expect your video to become too popular unless lots and lots of people specifically search for it on YouTube (or unless you use SEO best practices to make it more popular).

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