Types of Robots You Should Know About

posted by Chris Valentine

The field of robotics has changed significantly in recent years. Robots have traditionally been the stuff of dreams and science fiction. Now it has become a reality. They may not look or function like we imagine, yet. Robotics is a sector of technology that will continue to advance with the rest of the world. They will become more accessible and more effective. Below are different types of robots that can perform different tasks and satisfy various needs.

Dexterous Robots

One form of robotics that has been used to perform tasks humans used to do is a dexterous robot. This means that a robot has arms that can do precise jobs. They are often used to do dangerous and difficult tasks that put humans in danger. To avoid hazardous environments, an operator controls the robot to get specific things done without putting themselves in danger. Dexterous robots can perform complex tasks and help humans stay out of harm’s way.

Robotic Limbs

Another example of robotics that can be used to make human lives better are limbs. Robotic limbs are great for anyone who has lost an arm or a leg. With two robotic legs, a person can walk around freely. They can get around without a wheelchair. Robotic limbs are an amazing advancement for people who need to replace an appendage. Robotic limbs are a solution for people who have already had an accident, but there are also robotic enhancements to help prevent accidents.


Robotic enhancements are also available. These are robotic wearables that can protect the arms, hands, body, and legs from danger. Enhancements that cover parts of the body can provide strength and dexterity. Protect your hands from heat, sharp objects, and flames. Whether you are trying to get something done or are putting your body into harm’s way, robotic enhancements will change the way humans work in hazardous environments. If you can’t have a full-scale robot, using robotic enhancements to cover the body is very helpful.

Task-Based Robots

Robots aren’t just designated for dangerous environments and protecting the body from hazards. Robotics can also be used for simple tasks around the house. You’ve probably seen the robotic floor cleaning device that travels across the house and cleans. There are robots for just about any menial task. They can be programmed to do simple things easily. If you have the means to buy a small robot, you can find one to do whatever you want it to do. Robotics isn’t just focused on dangerous work; the field also wants to open cans and clean the floor.

Dialogical Robots

Finally, another type of robot focuses on conversation and dialogues with humans. Call centers are using robots more frequently than ever. These robots are programmed to talk to humans and solve specific tasks. We all know the feeling of being frustrated with a robot on the phone. Luckily, the tech of these robots is improving—making the responses and solutions better and more efficient. The sound of the voice is also becoming more pleasant and less, well, robotic.

Robotics has advanced a lot and will continue to change. Technology evolves daily and as it does, robotics will also improve. With sophisticated algorithms, automation, and artificial intelligence, robots are improving and becoming more effective. Robots are programmed for specific tasks, but the number of tasks that they can do has grown.

Robots may not be what is depicted in science fiction, but they are starting to resemble something from a novel or a movie. The field of robotics is in an exciting place. It continues to evolve and provide new solutions to old problems. Whether the designers are creating robots to perform a simple task like cleaning the floor or can be operated remotely, there are plenty of different robots.

From harvesting crops to organizing inventory, building products, talking to people, both protecting and replacing limbs, robots are more useful than ever. Each robot has its own function and programming. You may not be able to have a human-sized robot in your house to take care of all your tasks, but this isn’t that far off. With other technologies, robots are becoming more and more relevant, creating a world reminiscent of science fiction

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