Cool Features Which Your Blog Should Include

posted by Chris Valentine

Blogging is an incredibly popular form of expressing yourself online and a great way of creating a community and even an income for yourself, based on a topic which you are passionate about. It has never been easier to create a blog and as a result of this, there is heavy competition in almost all industries and niches. For this reason it is highly important that you ensure that your blog is the best that it can be when it comes to design, content, functionality and performance.

In order to add that something special to your blog, you should build on a solid foundation and add some tweaks and features which set your blog apart from the rest, and here are some ideas for what you could include.

Smart Forms

When it comes to the forms on your site, you should make sure that they look great, that they are easy to use and that they have all the information required to get the details which you are looking for. Whether you have questionnaires on your site, contact forms or even application forms, you need to ensure that they look great and do the job which they are intended to do in order to give the best customer satisfaction and to give you what you need.

Social Buttons

What better way to help grow your blog than to make it incredibly simple for your viewers to share your content in the click of a button. It is vital that your website has social media buttons which both allow users to share your stuff but also to like your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages directly from your site. Remember that the large majority of people who see your site will be doing so from their mobile which is also how most people check their social media, you cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity to gain exposure.

Cool Widgets

There are so many super cool widgets which you can add to the sidebar of your website which can really enhance the user experience. If you have a travel blog for instance, you could put a currency converter on the sidebar, if you have a site which sells stuff, you could put a live chat screen on the side or even a product of the week. These widgets are easy to get and simple to add on to your website and they can do wonders when it comes to helping your site stand out.

Personal Touch

Placing a photo of yourself and/or your team onto your website’s homepage instantly adds a human element to what you are doing and can go a long way when it comes to engaging site users. The key to any website’s popularity is about gaining trust form the viewers and if they can put a face to the website then you will have a far higher opportunity of doing this. Whether you are selling, offering opinions or showcasing your work, a photograph of who you are can really encourage the viewer to stay with you.

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