Top 5 reasons to host your next party in the great outdoors

posted by Chris Valentine
Forget indoor venues ... host your next party in the great outdoors!

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In Australia, the great outdoors is more than just a place. It is a state of mind and a spirit of living that is ever present, even for those in the big cities. The wildlife, climates, landscapes, and species in this country are so diverse that they make the rest of the world look like it’s still catching up. With all of this to enjoy, it’s no surprise that Aussies love to throw outdoor parties and summertime soirees.

If you’ve never thrown an al fresco event before, it’s time to host your next party in the great outdoors. Spring has just arrived and the hot, dry weather is here too. In most regions, the chance of rain is small and temperatures mean that parties can go on well into the evening if necessary. So, if you can find a suitable space and your guests are ready to go, dig out the bunting and the streamers.

This guide to the top five reasons to throw a party outdoors will help you plan an alfresco event to remember.

1. The Weather Is Gorgeous

It’s a shame to keep party guests cooped up indoors when the sun is shining and there’s plenty of light and space for dancing outside. While some kind of shelter is recommended – just in case the wind rises or the sun is too bright – open air barbeques, birthday parties, family dinners, and even wedding receptions are a great way to celebrate and come together with friends and loved ones. With support from the right marquee hire company, it is easy to cater to both large and small groups.

2. More Low Maintenance, Less Clean Up

One of the biggest advantages of hosting a party outdoors is that you don’t have to worry about personal possessions getting broken or dirty. Birthday parties for children are the best example of this, because raucous kids have a tendency to wreak havoc in large numbers. Rather than limiting your little ones to a tiny guest list, so as to protect windows, valuables, and the furniture, erect a simple marquee and take the event outdoors.

3. No Limitations On the Guest List

If you’re planning a wedding reception, it is likely that you’ll need to cater for a large number of people. This can be almost impossible without also splashing out on a costly wedding venue. One alternative is to pay a modest amount for a marquee or shelter and host guests, drinks, and meals outside. That way, you don’t have to worry about how many will fit, whether there’s space for a buffet table, or the size of your budget.

4. Flexible Dates and No Booking Fees

In theory, any relatively large outdoor space is suitable for a party. As long as you get permission from the owner – or alternatively, you could use your own yard . You could throw a party by the ocean, in a meadow, or close to a treasured location; the opportunities are endless. This is very different if you plan to throw an event indoors, because you’ll likely have to make a booking far in advance and the only available dates might not be suitable for all desired guests.

5. You Can Party All Evening

Most indoor venues come with strict rules on noise and they require parties to be wrapped up by a certain time. If you find an outdoor space that is far away enough from residential neighbourhoods, you’ll be free to celebrate in the way that you want, for as long as you like. Guests will be able to keep dancing long after the sun has gone down.

Why the Right Marquee Can Make Your Event

It is important to pick out a robust marquee or other kind of event shelter for your outdoor party, even though the weather is pleasant. Guests will need a comfortable place to rest, eat, drink, and chat. They’ll also be grateful for a shelter that keeps the sun and rain out of their eyes. With even large scale marquees now more affordable than ever before, there’s no excuse not to invite the great outdoors to your next celebration.

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