Cloud Chasing 101 – How to Blow Bigger Vape Clouds

posted by Chris Valentine

vape clouds

We’ve all seen the vape magicians on TV. Yes, they are awesome. Yes, we all want to be like them. Yes, they are professional vapers and it has to be extremely hard to be that dope. 

Cloud chasing has to be the most fun aspect of vaping. But how do they do it so well? Here’s a quick guide to help you blow the biggest vape clouds possible. 

Use the Right Type of Vape Tank 

Portable vapes certainly get the job done. They’re easy to carry around. They’re discreet and deliver solid amounts of nicotine. But if you want monster chucks, you’re going to have to up your tank game. 

Low resistance, low ohm tanks give sufficiently better cloud results than the smaller tanks you find on a lot of portable vapes. 

For these tanks to do the job, you need the right type of battery as well. 

You Can’t Burn Your Wick, John 

Nice pop culture reference, right? One thing is for certain; if you’re blowing monster chucks, you’re going to feel like John Wick. 

Always remember that the more air you get over your coil, the cooler your wick is. This means more vapor. 

A fresh flow of air also equates to more vapor condensation. Old air accumulates and stifles condensation. The new air removes this old air and ensures a steady flow of condensation. 

Remember, you always want new vapor. Also, remember that you’re not producing vapor, you’re producing liquid droplets. If you allow your wick to burn with a lack of sufficient airflow, condensation won’t occur, and you won’t be blowing big clouds. 

Make Sure Your Power Settings are High

This may seem obvious but it’s definitely one of the most important to cover. If you’re vaping at 60 W of energy you’re going to get a larger cloud than if you’re vaping at 30 W of energy. 

Before you crank that baby up to 100 W, it’s also important to remember that with more power, comes more heat, which can have a negative effect on your cloud size If you’re vaping at 100 W it can be difficult to maintain the airflow required to cool the wick. 

As with most things, you need to find your particular style of vaping. What power setting works best for one person may not for another. 

Sub Ohming 

No, this isn’t meditating with a subwoofer. Sub ohming is the term given for vaping on a tank that has below 0.1 resistance. The resistance of the coil will allow the coil to heat up quicker and stay heated longer. This is optimal for big vape clouds.

if you want to find out more about blowing the big vape clouds, start with sub ohming.  

The Liquid You Use Matters

PG= denser vapor (harsh on throat). VG= more vapor. The ideal ratio for PG to VG is 50/50. If you go higher on either end it can cause problems with your vape and be uncomfortable on your throat. 

It’s also important to note that the more vapor you produce, the more nicotine you’re consuming. Your e-liquid should accommodate for that. You don’t want to make yourself sick trying to chuck big clouds when there’s an easy alternative. 

Blow the Big Vape Clouds 

Blowing vape clouds is undeniably enticing. Just make sure you’re doing it the right way so that you’re not killing your throat and taking in too much nicotine. There’s plenty of tips to help you with your vape cloud journey.

Don’t hesitate. Get to vapin‘!  

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