Michael Giuffrida – Qualities of a Great Boss

posted by Chris Valentine

I have had the same boss in Michael Giuffrida for almost a decade now and I actually followed him from our Hartford offices to Southington, just so that I could continue to work with him. I have been working in offices now for over 30 years and Michael is the only boss that I have seen who performs to such a high standard at all times. I often speak to friends about him and they will always remark how lucky I am and how they didn’t realize how poor that their boss was until they found out about mine! If you want to be a boss or you want to improve, here is what I think Michael does so well and how he has managed to get the whole team behind him.


There is very rarely an issue when asking the boss for some paid leave, an afternoon off or a later start, as long as you have a valid reason. This may sound simple but in the past asking my bosses for this was like pulling teeth. What this creates amongst the work force is that we are all far more likely to put in the extra hours or come in on days off, because we know that it works both ways.



I am not entirely sure how he does it but Michael is a constant ball of energy, from the moment that he walks in to the office to the moment that we go home, this energy is infectious. I have been to work many times when I was really up for it or didn’t particularly feel motivated and yet after just one quick chat with Michael I have then felt energized and pumped up to go after the day.

Sharing the Vision

The boss very rarely hides anything from his team and he is always talking with us about what the vision of the company is and what role we play within that. Because Michael talks so well about the shared vision it quickly becomes something that we can all buy into and that we all work hard to achieve. Michael is both inclusive and passionate about what we all need to do, which makes us act in the same way.


Although the team is made up of very different characters, the boss has the ability too motivate each and every one of us to great success. I have always felt that this was a great talent that he had as not all of us can be motivated in the same way, some of us need to be incentivized, others need to be berated, yet no matter which individual it is, Michael will always know just what to say to get the very best out of us all, something which happens with great regularity.

Michael has gained our respect and he cares about all of us, as well as the company, a great leader and a wonderful boss.

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