Who can apply for a Canadian national pardon?

posted by Chris Valentine


A Canadian national pardon is different than its US counterpart, for example. The same thing goes for how the national pardon is represented in other countries as well. Before you start researching how to get a canadian pardon you need to make sure that you are actually eligible, or that you can become eligible for a national pardon. Read the rest of this article to find out more about who is eligible for a National Pardon in Canada.

About Canadian pardons

Before getting into who can get one, it’s important to assess the precise definition of a pardon in Canada. As mentioned before, it differs from what Americans or Europeans might call a pardon. In Canada, a pardon is given to convicted criminals and acts as a means of clearing one’s criminal record. In other words, the Canadian pardon wipes the slate clean for the individual receiving it in terms of criminal record.

Who is eligible for a pardon?

Now that we’ve gone a little bit over what a pardon is in Canada, we can get to the main subject, which is who exactly is eligible for a pardon. Below are the top criteria that need to be met before someone can successfully apply for a Canadian pardon.

Finishing your sentence

As discussed, a Canadian pardon doesn’t imply that you are no longer needed to finish your sentence. It is something that you apply for after said sentence has been completed. In consequence, submitting a pardon application before your sentence is complete won’t do any good. In fact, it’s a lot of work that will probably go to waste because you are not eligible yet.

Finding a job and keeping a “clean nose”

Convicts that finish their sentence and are free to re-0enter society need to probe that they are able to abide the laws of the state they live in. This means that they must keep away from any illegal activity and also to prove that they won’t represent any trouble or danger for the state of Canada and its people.

Additionally, the pardon candidate and ex-convict in question needs to prove that they can get and keep a job so that they won’t be a financial burden for the state. Keep this in mind before submitting your pardon application. Most people are very eager to submit it eight after they get out of prison but not having the appropriate, aforementioned situation might lose you the pardon. It’s best to make sure that you have these categories checked before submitting a pardon, to boost its success chances.

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