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Need a new tattoo? Why not get one of these amazing illustrations!

posted by Chris Valentine

There’s nothing more fun than getting a new tattoo. After all, it’s going to be a design on your body that emphasises your likes, personality and, overall, who you are as a person. It’s something that is going to stay on you FOREVER. That’s why it’s crucial that the design you pick is mind-bogglingly awesome. Although you can’t just outright copy a tattoo, as this is disrespectful for the tattoo artist, why not look at these brilliant designs and see if you can draw some inspiration from them? You won’t believe the number 5 exists!

  1. White Ink Tattoos

One of the most recent tattoo trends on the market is actually “white ink tattoos.” Now, these are the sort of designs that are great if you don’t want a design that’s too over-the-top. Instead, they flatter a wide range of skin tones, are quite difficult to spot and but will set you apart from other people. They create a sort of halo effect around the tattooed area and look extremely classy.

White tattoos are perfect for those looking to get floral or nature-related patterns. However, they also look great with more complicated “henna-like” designs. No matter what sort of person you are, you could be a hot lady from Bubbles Escorts or you could be a high-end lawyer living in London, these subtle designs bring out your inner flair. They take a little more time to complete, and also tend to be a little more painful, but are completely worth it.

  1. Duo-Designs

Okay, so this is more of a fun design idea, but what if you were to create an illusion from your tattoo just from having it placed on a specific area of your body? It could be on the crease between your elbow and arm or between your leg and thigh. Either way, you could have a scene designed on one part of your leg, only for it to change when you are kneeling and have your thigh and leg pressed together.

Now, keep in mind that these sort of tattoos do require a little more thought, as they are technically two pictures rather than one. Be sure to discuss them with your artist to get their input. They will sure to have some goods and you can express your feedback to them.

  1. Geometric Designs

These designs are some of the most fun on the market. They use shadow and shapes to create some amazing 3D- patterns that use squares and cubes to add some life to your body. These shapes can be combined with colourful patterns that look as if your body is being changed into Tetris blocks to expose the colourful void underneath. Some people even choose to have the galaxy coloured onto their arms beneath the blocks. With this design you can create some amazing patterns and designs, just remember that they might look a bit more “out-there” than some of the other designs. They are stark and are easily viewable. But if you’re happy with that then go for this design!

  1. Watercolour tattoos

If you’re looking for something a bit softer and potentially “feminine”, then you may want to consider getting a watercolour tattoo. Think about what watercolours look on paper. They provide soft colours and textures that highlight different areas of the painting. Well, that’s what you’re going to get on your arm.

Watercolour is extremely good for softer designs that don’t require line art. However, some people choose to use brighter colours to highlight the animals or plants that are drawn on their bodies. You will also be surprised how good watercolours are for shading. They might not be as stark as a normal design, but they can easily add depth by just changing the tone.

For watercolours, you can choose to have several colourful shades, or you can stick to one colour and use it as the theme of your image. If you have a favourite animal or flower then this might be the best place to start with your tattoo. Your artist can then take your ideas from there and see if they can invent something for you.

  1. Inside the Body Tattoos

Now, these tattoos aren’t exactly for the faint of heart, but if you get a professional artist to draw them on you, they honestly look amazing. “Inside the body tattoos” are pretty much what is said on the packet. They are tattoos that use 3D art to pretend that they are exposing what lies beneath the skin. Some people choose to just have skeletal or organs exposed, but those who are into steampunk might have cogs or gears included in their back. Heck, some people even go even further and have monsters or flowers peeking out of the wounds. As most of these designs are 3D, though some use 2d art, they all look amazingly realistic with some even having red shadows around the “wound” as if the flesh has been ripped open.

Some of these tattoos are so realistic that you may have to look twice to make sure that the designs are just art. Bravo to the tattoo artists that accomplish these! They look out-of-this-world!

  1. Minimalistic Tattoos

Not every single tattoo needs to look like it’s been created by Picasso! Sometimes being simple is far more effective than anything that is too dramatic and over the top. If you are looking for something simple but quirky, try and think of a simple line art design that could bring a bit of joy to your day. It could be something as simple as an image of a cartoon ghost. Thick black lines make the black line art look more effective. These sort of designs are also a lot easier to cover up should you need to hide it for your normal workday. You can even go as simple as just having a few words that can inspire you!

  1. Botanic Tattoos

If you are a bit of a historical scholar, you have probably seen what old science textbooks look like. Medieval books tend to have several ancient drawings in them, text that is in Latin and written in cursive. Well, have you ever considered having one of these ancient designs tattooed on your body? Well, you can! Just show your tattoo artist your favourite page and let them get to work. It truly makes a unique tattoo that people will be staring at for ages to see if they can read it!

  1. 3D Wormholes

Now, these are the sort of tattoos that will boggle your mind. Forget about Echer and his trippy pictures, all your tattoo artist needs is black ink and a bit of knowledge of the power of shading. They can make your arm look like it’s being sucked in on itself. Now, these tattoos can mess with your head a bit, so make sure to consider how big you want them on your body. They may not be the best things to have for work, but they do look absolutely fantastic!

What’s your favourite tattoo type?

There are so many amazing designs that you could have etched onto your body. It’s a shame that you only have so much space. Your body is like a canvas and you deserve to have art on it that shows off exactly who you are as a person. So make sure that you pick your tattoo design carefully!

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