Purposeful Parenting in the Preschool and Elementary Years

posted by Chris Valentine

A parent who is intentional and understands the science of child development brings up kids who can actualize their potential and maximize on opportunities they encounter. The knowledge helps parents to perfectly balance the concepts of nature and nurture to bring out the best in their children. Even the choice of preschool education in Singapore contributes to the overall purposeful upbringing that has such profound benefits. 

Impact of Intentionality at an Early Age

The early age provides children with an opportunity to learn about the world from their parents. They know about friends, family, language, and general environment through the prism of their parents. Such lessons are so powerful that they will be difficult to change in future. 

The social and emotional skills learned at an early age are so crucial to a child and have life long effects in the following areas. 

  • Determine the academic potential and achievement of the child
  • Responsible for greater emotional wellbeing
  • Affect the level of pay
  • Will reflect in the quality of relationships

The choices and exposures a child has will also protect him from negative outcomes in case he is in emotional distress, conduct problems, or needs social assistance. Some obvious choices like which pre nursery school in Singapore to attend has never been so important in the light of this revelation. It should awaken the parent to begin making deliberate and futuristic choices for his child. 

Tips on How to Be a Purposeful Parent 

One of the most important elements of purposeful parenting is self-care. As you attend to your children’s needs, do not fall into the trap of self-neglect. And since parenting is a marathon, you need to preserve the energy to last the entire course. Here are helpful purposeful parenting secrets to ponder. 

Build a Relationship from the Earliest Age

The presence of a parent in the life of a minor is one of the most powerful impressions. Children might not remember the first birthday or the events you attended at preschool Singapore but the feeling and connection remain subconsciously for life. The child learns lessons about compassion and physical presence. Share meals, walk the dog together, and go for picnics to build relationships.

As the children grow up they will not want such a close presence but will appreciate the few minutes you asked about their day or went for a college concert. Relationships built early will remain and become an inspiration in later years. Even the most mundane gesture will ultimately count. 

Provide Restricted Freedom

A child never grows up in the eyes of a parent. However, the parenting of a toddler is different from that of a 40-year-old father with a young family. Each step of parenting requires a different tactic. 

A toddler learning how to walk needs total presence. When your daughter comes home with a heartbreak at 26 years of age, she is looking for consolation and strength. Know when to apply pressure and the instances where a child can escape with a few mistakes.

At a young age, if mistakes come with a lesson, allow them to happen. If the error will be catastrophic, stand boldly and provide direction. You and the child will love the moments and memories years later. 

Grow and Glow

The most impactful lesson a child learns comes from an example. When you take your child to Lorna Whiston Preschool because of the quality of education it offers, you are setting standards that the child becomes accustomed to. Since children learn from examples, you must set them by growing your skills, quality of life, social circles, and emotionally. The child will follow in your footsteps. 

While parenting is your major role in the family, you must cultivate a social life as well as personal life, and thrive in all of them. Do not chase perfection but aim for the highest. The light that shines through you will help your children to go further and give you confidence that they can handle challenges beyond where you went. 

Have a Bigger Picture 

Avoid doing the bare minimum and push the limits. Other than taking your child to the nearest public school, enroll them in the best international preschools in Singapore, for example. It introduces them to a new world where quality is not compromised. You are securing a future by looking beyond your current social status and perceptions. 

Instill Principles 

Every interaction should be a lesson about principles and not an end unto itself. Choose preschools in Singapore that focus on holistic learning instead of grades and memorizing principles. The lessons on principles will enable you to develop a mind and character that can thrive in any environment. It gives you confidence and peace of mind even when the kid is not around.

Preschool and elementary years are hectic as parents struggle with the daily needs and development of a child. Your commitment and intentionality will leave a lasting impact in the life of your child. Use these years to build a foundation that can support an individual with greater potential and who can build strong profitable relationships.

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