A successful one night stand?

posted by Chris Valentine

A successful one night stand is one where both participants have fun

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Having one-night-stands is something which sometimes can be frowned upon, especially in a monogamous society which emphasizes on family value. However, there exists a growing trend which sees more people going for that type of adventurous dating practice, led by the popularity of online dating sites. As people are seeing more divorces and finding it easier to meet up with strangers for a bit of fun, it begs to wonder whether one-night-stands are a good thing and whether they are worth it.

What is a one-night-stand?

As the name implied, a successful one night stand is all about meeting up with someone and having sex tonight, just for that one night only. This kind of practice implies little commitment is made between the two parties, other than providing each other a respectful good time. This means no worries about future commitment. Having just one night stands is ideal for people who are not interested in long-term commitment, might it be by choice or simply brought on by the fact that they are too busy to commit to anything more serious.

If done well, one night stands can be great for relieving stress and having a good time. They are also good for boosting people’s sexual confidence and they keep the sex mechanics working which it can be argued is better than not having any sex at all. Providing people use the right precautions and act safely, there shouldn’t be any issues during and after the act.

Using the right dating site

It is a fact that casual encounters can be made right. It all starts with making sure that the two people involved are after the same thing. This is made easy by dating sites which specialise into just one night stands. By going online and searching for like-minded partners, people no longer need to lie about their intentions. They can just say what they are after and they will find someone who is after the same thing.

In that sense, the internet has really helped people meeting up in a more honest fashion. In the past, people would lie to be able to sleep with people, making them believe that they were after something more romantic and for a longer term. This kind of practice is now unnecessary thanks to the diversity of dating websites available online. There exists many different dating sites for many different fantasies and kinks, and they serve as great meeting places to like-minded people.

A few useful tips

Of course the act of meeting up with a total stranger can still be risky, so it is important to use caution. First of all, not everyone online is who they say they are. So if their profile sounds too good to be true then it is. Perfect people (if there is such thing) will probably not need to go internet dating if they are as successful as they claim on their profile.

Finally, even though one-night-stands are an individual choice, it is good practice to let our friends know where we are going and who we are meeting. Ideally, keeping our phones on us and agreeing with our friends that they should call the police if they don’t hear from us by a certain time; and letting our date know of that; is a great safety layer which should put off most creeps who might have different intentions in mind.

Practicing safety and caution will make a one night stand worth it as only then will it be truly enjoyable, only leading to a good time and happy memories.

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