What Is Emotional Intimacy and Why Does It Matter?

posted by Chris Valentine

Do you feel as though you can tell your partner anything?

If you do, that’s great and a sign of a healthy relationship. If not, you or your partner may be struggling with emotional intimacy.

Most people think of intimacy as having to do with physical touch and closeness. However, intimacy also has to do with the way you communicate in your relationship.

Building emotional intimacy in a relationship can help you and your partner resolve disagreements without arguing. It can also help you both feel more seen and heard in the relationship. You can learn more about emotional intimacy in a relationship by reading the informative sections below.

Emotional Intimacy Is About Listening as Much as Communicating

Emotional intimacy is just one of the many types of intimacy that can exist in a relationship, but it is one of the most important. What is emotional intimacy?

When you and your partner have emotional intimacy, you both feel as though the other person is listening to what you’re saying. You both also feel open to tell you what they need to say.

Emotional intimacy is a two-way street. It means you listen to your partner without judgment or anger, and you express yourself to your partner without fear of judgment or anger on their end.

Being able to express yourself to your partner is great, but you won’t have emotional intimacy until you’re able to listen to your partner’s feelings as well. If you’re looking to build emotional intimacy in your marriage, check out this list of marriage intimacy exercises.

Emotional Intimacy Can Only Exist In Certain Environments

While emotional intimacy does require that you be willing to open up to your partner, it can only exist in an environment that fosters and accepts open communication. One of the best relationship tips you can receive is to always be open and honest with your partner. That way, they’ll feel comfortable being open and honest with you.

Emotional Intimacy Is Just as Important as Physical Intimacy

The main difference between physical vs emotional intimacy is in how you and your partner communicate. Some couples can express their love and affection through physical intimacy and touch but fail to connect emotionally when they aren’t physically close. An emotionally intimate couple can stay strong and connected even if they can’t be physically intimate at any given time.

Emotional Intimacy Is Vital for Any Relationship

Now that you know what emotional intimacy is and why it’s important, you’re ready to start being vulnerable with your partner more often. Developing strong habits of emotional intimacy will allow you and your partner to identify and get ahead of any issues before they get too big to handle.

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