How to Rebuild Trust in a Relationship

posted by Chris Valentine

How long does it take for dogs to trust their owners?

Building trust between a dog and its owner can take anywhere from 2 days, to 2 months. Humans, on the other hand, are completely different stories. For genuine trust to exist in a relationship, it can take years of proving yourself. However, it only takes one moment of dishonesty to destroy the trust you’ve built.

If you’ve broken the heart of a loved one, and you’re trying to figure out how to rebuild trust, then this article is for you. Beating yourself up about what you did, or begging for forgiveness, isn’t going to change anything. Instead, you have to learn how to take responsibility for your actions to start making positive changes.

Read on to learn the best relationship advice on how to restore trust, the right way.

Earning Trust by Keeping Promises

First, to rebuild trust, you’ll need to start showing that you can keep your word. By keeping up with small promises, you’ll be able to show your loved one that you’re serious about doing what you say you’ll do.

A great example of small promises would be keeping up with the weekly to-do list. By coming through for things as small as household chores, you’ll be helping set the foundation for a strong relationship.

A good example of keeping small promises would be arriving on time. If you’re rebuilding a relationship with a friend, and they agreed to meet you somewhere for lunch, arrive 10 minutes early. Your commitment to be on time will show them that you’re serious about being reliable and trustworthy.

Invest in Self-Care

In addition to thinking of ways to take care of the other person’s needs, you also have to think of ways to care for yourself. When you look into things, like why wives cheat, it’s usually because their needs weren’t being met. Needs like feeling loved or valued. To avoid a repeat occurrence, spouses have to learn how to keep their internal wellness in check.

After all, it’s only when you’re investing in self-care that you can truly branch out to be the friend or partner, or family member that’s needed. A few ways to invest in self-care include things such as eating better or getting enough sleep at night. By taking care of yourself, you’ll find it’s easier to maintain your relationships with other people.

Create Healthy Relationship Experiences

We can learn from the past, but t’s never a good idea to live there. If you want to take your relationship out of an old state of distrust and into a state of bonding, you’ll need to create new memories.

Talking on the phone and meeting up virtually can be a great way to connect to the people you care about. However, we suggest investing one-on-one time in person when you’re trying to rebuild a relationship. Spending time drinking coffee together, or going on a road trip, can make happy memories for creating a new, stronger connection.

Put Yourself Out There to Rebuild Trust

After reading this article, it’s clear to see that you’ll have to put in a bit of leg work before you can rebuild trust in a relationship. However, as long as you’re willing to be there for the person you care about, there’s hope!

Start thinking of a couple of small, simple promises that you can make (and keep) this week. Over time, your relationship can begin to flourish again, and even be stronger than before. For more tips, explore the rest of this site.

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