How Dating Culture Is Changing in 2019

posted by Chris Valentine

Dating culture is a not something that is consistent in the modern world. As social mores come and go, there are new freedoms that are available with dating that provide people with the chance to have unique dating experiences. The year 2019 is no different, as singles continue to have dates that are different than the ones in times past. This brief look at dating culture for 2019 will reveal some of the most significant changes that you can expect to see in the present day.

Online Dating Is the Go-To Method

One of the most notable things about dating in the present is that more and more people are choosing online dating to find their partners. They want the chance to fit dating into their lives, expand their search areas, and set specific criteria for their partners. Using dating sites, people are able to control who they date, how long they date, and if they ever make it to the stage to meet in person. 

Women Are Making the First Move

Another thing that is important to consider for the modern dating culture is the fact that greater numbers of women are making the first move. If a person looked twenty years ago, it was still unusual to see women asking guys out on dates with a high degree of frequency. Now, women are using the power of dating sites to yield more control over dates, making them comfortable with the idea of requesting a date with their man of choice. This trend appears to be set to continue to grow in the immediate future.

People Are Empowered to Have Hookups

For better or worse, the present dating culture is one that is riddled with people who are using specialty sites to have hookups. Some of the people are using the sites to have hookups online while others are using them to meet up in person. With the overall attitude change becoming more permissive for one night stands, it’s easy to see why more people, especially younger people, are having hookups. As always, bars and clubs are still hotbeds for this type of dating action as well.

Exclusivity Takes Longer to Establish

In the past, people would go out on about three dates and then say that they are exclusive with one another. However, one of the results of online dating is that people are not meeting as quickly as they were in the past, so establishing that sense of exclusive dating with a person is taking longer. That means that more people are dating multiple individuals for a longer period of time before settling on what they thing is their best option.

Racial Boundaries Continue to Disappear

One of the final cultural changes that are occurring in the present with regards to dating is the fact that racial boundaries are continuing to disappear. More people are willing to date other people outside of their own race. This is a great thing because it allows people to learn about other cultures besides their own and helps people feel comfortable approaching just about anyone for dates. 

The world of dating is changing, and mostly for the better. While people are less monogamous than before, they are able to opt for their own personal happiness in new and exciting ways. Whether people are having more one night stands or finding love online, the fact is that there are plenty of reasons to be excited about dating in the present day. All told, 2019 is a great year for people to start dating. 

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